728.7 km on a single charge! New record for Norwegian Tesla Model S

Bjørn Nyland – even Asians is Norwegian – is the proud owner of a Tesla Model S P85D , and one of the owners of most active Tesla in the community. It was the first in Europe to get a Tesla Model X’s face thanks to Tesla Referral Program and will be at the opening of the Gigafactory. Just a few days ago – this past weekend – has broken the existing record of autonomy in a Tesla Model S P85D , making travel a whopping 728.7 km with a single charge battery.

681.5 km previous record was also achieved with a Tesla Model S P85D .

The challenge began in the Tesla Supercharger station located in Rødekro, Denmark. Accompanied by a friend, Bjorn explained his decision not to break the record in his native country. Denmark is one of the flattest countries in the world, which together with little traffic made it an ideal place hypermiling. To achieve such autonomy car as Tesla whose autonomy is 478 km per hour to 65 miles (about 110 km / h) must go slowly. The mean of the test was only 39 km / h.

Basically, what Nyland has done is run at the optimal speed for the lowest energy consumption, for as long as possible, and always in the vicinity of a Supercharger station. The feat demanded circular 40 km / h for nearly 20 hours , being forced to put on the back of the car several posters warning that the vehicle circulated especially slowly. Personally, I think it would hit me shot if I had to drive 40 km / h for nearly 20 hours almost deserted roads.

The test result is 728.7 km on one charge, and average consumption of only 106 Wh / km . Total consumption was 77.5 kWh, almost close to the theoretical battery capacity of 85 kWh. These batteries always keep a safety margin and a small buffer to compensate for the gradual degradation over time. Guinness World Records was not contacted for this record attempt, since according Nyland, the record will soon be beaten as Tesla launch a P90D or P120D larger battery in the future.

tesla-dinamarca-record-1 Source: Teslarati
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