745 cv and 1.008 Nm in this Audi RS7 PP-Performance

Audi RS7 por PP-PerformanceThe range A7 of Audi, perhaps, is the more attractive visually speaking and where the brand of the four hoops has worked hard to create a car that turn heads to your step. Audi is not a brand that stands out for a few spectacular designs, or particularly flashy, but it focuses more on providing a elegant character and German, something that also has the A7. The version RS7 is more dynamic and includes several cosmetic changes, in addition to the functional, to give aggression to the whole.

anyway, and despite the fact that it is the car more stylistic range, for many can be “decaffeinated”. Today, with the amount of preparers specialist that exist in the world, it is not a problem. Just take it to the workshop specialist, to explain the idea or to purchase a kit that already have pre-built and shell out, that yes, a good amount of money. PP-Performance show us his latest work on an Audi RS7.

Audi RS7 por PP-Performanceyou Can like or dislike anything, but what is clear is that the change that this trainer has given the four-door coupé Audi simply with the paint is very large. Depending on the light, we will see an Audi RS7 with body purple or golden. Very eye-catching. Added to this are the wheels 21 inch finish duotones in gold and black. The suspension KW reduces the height to the ground, giving a feeling of greater width and, of course, more stability.

The Audi RS7 has a engine biturbo V8 4 liters. Of series, the engine develops 560 horsepower in the normal version and 605 in the variant Performance. Is power to spare for the 99.9% of the motales, but do a few to compare them with the 745 horses and 1.008 Nm develops this car after the modifications, PP-Performance. To reach these figures, in addition to modifying the electronic engine management, they have also installed a system of titanium exhaust signed by Akrapovic and an air filter sports BMC.

we Said that the price tends to be the worst part of this type of preparations, although, in this case, it is not very high for the mechanical upgrades that it incorporates: 8,597 € .

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