756 horses for the Ferrari 488 Spider prepared by Novitec

Ferrari 488 Spider por NovitecAt the beginning of last year, 2015, the Italian brand of the “prancing horse” presented to the surrogate of the Ferrari 458 Italia, the Ferrari 488 GTB. The 488 GTB gave a lot to talk about for weeks by use a V8 engine with supercharging for turbo, in place of the propellant to the maximum power that sits on the 458 Italia. A few months later came the Ferrari 488 Spider, the convertible version of the supercar Italian.

versions closed and convertible of the Ferrari 488 are like two twin brothers. The only difference is the roof, which the Spider uses a retractable hard top able to be opened or closed completely in about 14 seconds, an operation that is fully electric. For his part, the weight difference between the two is very slight, marking on the scale is only 50 pounds heavier when you climb the Spider. Its mechanics, of series, is a V8 turbo 3.9 liter makes 670 horsepower and 760 Nm of torque.

Well. For most of us, the figures of power, torque and features of this model are more than sufficient; but there are people who, even if they are a supercar-fast, want to stand out and look even more over your shoulder the rest. For that class of people who are not content with a Ferrari 488 Spider series, Novitec Rosso has created a series of amendments which raise the power generated by the V8 turbo of the “cavallino” in 86 horses, leaving a final result of 756 horses to full performance.

Ferrari 488 Spider por NovitecTo reinforce it, the guys from Novitec have also modified the electronic engine management, instituting new driving modes that the driver can select through the “manettino” steering wheel. In addition, the trainer offers two types of different exhaust. The maximum speed that can reach the Spider after going through the workshop is 342 km/h, while the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is achieved in two tenths of a second less, requiring only 2.8 seconds.

on the other hand, the Ferrari 488 Spider Novitec Rosso boasts a important, to the couple that is discreet, aerodynamic kit made using carbon fiber, , which include: spoilers below, outline of the air intakes, mirrors and back spoiler. There are also a few wheels in five twin-spoke finished in black and available in 21 and 22 inches.

Ferrari 488 Spider por Novitec

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