8 ads remind us of the hypocrisy that hides the fight against climate change

“we Feel that we have caught”, could be read in the bus stops in Paris these days, in an advertisement apparently sponsored by Volkswagen. “Now that we have caught, we will try to make you think that we care about the environment. But we are not the only ones”. The case of Volkswagen is nothing more than the tip of the iceberg, a timely reminder of how the social responsibility of the brand, often, is nothing more than a game of appearances and image, since in the end the only thing important to a large corporation is to generate profits, and the greater they are the better.

Brandalims been carried out in recent years different actions contrapublicidad in the Uk, to criticize the system, the hypocrisy behind the big corporations, using their same tools, the advertising.

The action has been carried out by Brandalism, a british team, dedicated to the contrapublicidad, to challenge, and stir consciences in a way subversive, using the same mechanisms they employ, massively and indiscriminately, and large corporations. Brandalism has been found in the climate change summit in Paris the perfect stage for a new action, in which have been installed 600 false billboards to show a different view of the problem and remind us that behind an event as sensational as this is hidden, first of all, a lot of hypocrisy.

At this time, Volkswagen was an easy target, but it is definitely not the only corporation that has received the attacks of Brandalism.


to carry out the action, have enjoyed the work of 80 artists from 19 different countries.


The “attacks” have been carried out in advertising space for JCDecaux, one of the most important companies in the world dedicated to the signage, urban, and sponsor of the summit.


oil are another of the easy targets. See this attack on Mobil.


monkey race enjoys the site enough to attack a few sponsors.


Brandalism would have worked, even with Paul Insect, an occasional contributor of Banksy.


often is not necessary, nor even mention any mark.


Brandalism has not been forgotten Shinzo Abe, and a nation like Japan, which although they appear very concerned about the problem of pollution, is also one of the countries most dependent on nuclear energy.

In short, a campaign subversive, and aggressive, but necessary, despite who gets upset. Because in the end it is important that we have the two views of a problem, and that at least someone invite the society to think, to recover that critical thought should never have lost. Because exercising the mind, once in a while does no harm.

Source: Brandalism
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