8 Ford Mustang more crazy and unexpected to the SEMA Show in 2015, what would you choose?

can You imagine a Mustang 4-cylinder and 900 HP? What about a Mustang police? Whether you are a lover of tuning, the Ford Mustang, muscle car, or simply everything that carry four wheels, the SEMA Show 2015 is an event that you look with much attention. The fair, parts, and repairs, more important in the united States is already here. And how could it be less, the Ford Mustang will be one of the big players with 8 preparations very special. Preparations designed to attract visitors, to evoke the spirit of insatiable Mustang – even with their iteration more european has lost – and, of course, to show us the possibilities of the pony. 8 preparations for the new Mustang that will cost you plump for one of them, what would you choose?

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1. Bisimoto Engineering. Maybe a Mustang 900 HP don’t be surprised, but do you imagine a Mustang 900 HP, with a four-cylinder engine!? Thus, in effect, here it is. This preparation leads to the four-cylinder 2.3 EcoBoost up to 900 HP, the hand of a rebuild, virtually complete, of the engine and of course a big turbo.


2. Motoroso. A Mustang with the 5.0 engine V8 led up to 727 BHP, and the spicy touch, in contrast with her body white, a few tire red 21”.


3. Bojix Design. It is presented as a preparation of european inspiration, in the great cars of the old continent. There has been chosen a combination of body tone Bianca Lamborghini, gray, and orange in contrast.

ford-mustang-sema-2015-024. TS Designs. They say that, as the size matters, this Mustang has broadened its tracks, has mounted wider tires and wheels 21”. Nothing wrong.

ford-mustang-sema-2015-085. Mad Industries. Though it is definitely the contrast of this recreation, and the appearance of these details in blue on black frame, are exaggerated, this Mustang Mad Industries with 725 HP intends to capture all the attention in the SEMA 2015.


6. Ice Nine Group is not far behind with this Shelby GT350R that has a body kit, widened, with screws visible, inspired by the DTM German.

ford-mustang-sema-2015-057. CGS Performance Products settle with something more discreet, although they have also been allowed some licence, such as using wheels 21” front and 22” behind.


8. DRAGG. And last, but not least, this preparation of a Mustang with stickers of inspiration to the police.

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