8 tips on how not to steal a Porsche: the London police are searching for the individual on this video

The Metropolitan Police of London has launched a campaign to to locate the individual that appears in these images trying to steal a precious Porsche 911. You are looking for. By attacking two Porsche in less than 20 minutes, presumably to rob them. The london police described him as a man of late twenties, and a dark complexion, something more than a meter eighty tall, black hair and beard. The day of the offence was wearing a pair of jeans worn, a hat, dark grey, and a blue jacket. Thanks to social networks, the security cameras that flood the streets of the English capital, and the lack of ability of the responsible of this misdeed, your location is more near than ever.

Even if you take into account the ethical implications, and legal, the theft of a car is always a bad idea. This individual is not only trying to steal a car, but is doing in the full light of day (first mistake), clearly surrounded by people around them (second mistake) and on a street that had surveillance cameras of safety and security (third mistake). To make matters worse, to the face, which will probably get it localized early (fourth error).

Also keep in mind that probably resorted to an option complicated, and a little decorous, to proceed to the theft of this Porsche 911 Cabrio with look Turbo, the slitting of the fabric top and jump to its interior through the roof (fifth mistake).

In the video, not only appreciated the mobility of pedestrians, one of which throws a suspicious look, but also the appearance of a yellow signal on one side (alerting pedestrians that the sidewalk was sliding). All the process that occupies the video continues for about 4 or 5 minutes, including the space of time in which the video is short, with the thief on the interior of the Porsche, to return to the scene for a couple of minutes later. It seems that you took it with tranquility (sixth mistake) and by the images that we see, it does not appear that the researchers are going to have problems to find evidence, such as fingerprints, that what incriminate (seventh mistake).

According to the police, at 07:45 received the notice of several passers-by who encountered an individual trying to steal this Porsche, which finally could not be carried. When they arrived, the patrols, the individual had already disappeared.

At 08:45 received calls warning of a theft in Oxford Street, near to the place in which it recorded these images, alerting a suspect trying to steal a Porsche Cayenne, with a knife in hand. He tried to steal another car very close to where I had tried for the first time (eighth mistake). The Cayenne, thankfully, neither ended up in the hands of the thief, but did suffer scratches and breakage of the lock.

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