8 ways to make your car unsafe and / or may cost you a fine summer

we knew this moment would come sooner or later. The number of road deaths repuntaría, as happened last year. And beyond criticism, Traffic point to other explanations, sometimes plausible, sometimes not so much, to justify what happened. The DGT found in the age of the car park the cornerstone of its new strategy of surveillance. That is the reason why in the coming days monitoring the cars will take extreme , not its age, but their state of maintenance and preservation , paying special attention to those elements critical to our security. And it is that the statistics, and here yes we agree with DGT have shown that the vehicles in which more is being neglected maintenance are precisely the oldest. So you talk about August very important aspects to monitor traffic agents especially in the coming days, you avoid not only fines but also for safer driving.

A good trick to check our tire wear is considered “safe” is to check that the pattern exceeds the rim of a coin of euro.

1. Tyre wear . According to DGT , more than one million vehicles, up 5% of the Spanish park, circulate with defects in their tires. It is recommended that the drawing of our tire is at least 3 mm, although legal is at least 1.6 mm. If the drawing has greater wear, we might be punished, especially now that DGT is watching this. Needless to relocate the gauge in our car to make these checks. If the depth of the tire is greater than the rim of a euro coin, our tire wear will be within recommended and considered safe limits.

On the other hand, we must not only worry about the excessive wear, but also its distribution. Irregular tire wear can cause problems, in addition to evidence a defect, for example, buffers, or the alignment of the tires.


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A tire with an excessively low pressure is a danger, their benefits are reduced and the risk to a desllantado or blowout increase considerably.

2. Tyre pressure . Last year we recovered a study which stated that half of the cars circulating in Spain do with incorrect pressures. Although many people do not give too much importance to this aspect, there are countless reasons why you should care very much the pressure of your tires and check them periodically. A tire with incorrect pressure – usually happens to be lower than recommended – will wear out prematurely, irregularly, will entail increased fuel consumption, will be reduced his performance (his brakes, his grip on certain conditions) and is more likely to suffer a blowout or desllantado. We recommend our special form on your car tire pressure for reasons why it is so important to monitor the pressure and how we do it.


We have not only ensure that the operation of the headlights of our car is right, but also make good use of these.

3. Maintenance and adjustment of headlights . Another essential element for safe driving, allowing us to see, and be seen, are the headlights and taillights. It is important to ensure that all the lamps or projectors (either LED , or high intensity discharge) must function correctly. We recommend changing the bulbs every 40,000 kilometers or two years, while over time and use, are reduced in intensity. It is also important to monitor the transparency of the headlight lens, dome, glass or plastic that stands between the outside and the lamp prone to wear (by the passage of time, the weather element, the clash against insects and gravel projected by other cars and so on.

4. Making good use of lighting . It is also important to be strict in using lighting our car, because improper use can make us see immersed in situations of risk and cost us a penalty. Between sunset and sunrise, at any time of day in the tunnels, underpasses and sections of track affected by the sign “Tunnel”, we must take on the lighting. Also in reversible lanes or counter normally used in the path direction, in situations where there is a lane exceptionally open to circulate counterclockwise. Otherwise, fine that could receive would be up to € 200 . It is also important that we make good use of fog lamps (see guide to driving in fog).

is also forbidden to give bursts other vehicles, either to warn of our presence and ask for step (common when very slow cars are paid into the left lane) or to warn of the presence of traffic control (a very common habit at other times). The penalty for breach of this provision of the Rules of the road is 80 €.


Circle provided with proper documentation and plate registration legible and undamaged.

5. The license plate . There is no excuse. Our license plate must remain intact and must never cover it or raise obstacles that hinder reading. We must make special mention of wear. A license plate where the numbers are impaired may cost a penalty of € 200 . To ensure the durability of our membership we must be especially cautious in the tunnels of washing, try not to point the spear directly to the plate, and within walking distance. To remove insects attached to this, you should help a rag or a soft sponge. Mops (never you use them), and spears pressure are the biggest enemy of the conventional metal plates. Another solution may be to replace the metal plates by acrylic ecotags. If your registration is very run down, its replacement can be a good time to opt for the latter solution.

6. Documentation of vehicle . There is no excuse to use our car without proper documentation. We always carry drive the vehicle registration certificate, which contains the technical data and the data of the same owner (or the relevant traffic authority in his absence). Do not carry a driver’s license also carries fine. If we rule, but we have forgotten at home, the penalty is 10 €.

7. ITV . There is also no excuse to use our car without having passed the mandatory technical inspection. Fines for driving a vehicle without ITV in order start at € 200, that amount may increase if we come to a center ITV and have not passed the tests. It is also important that we bring documentation certifying that the car has overcome ITV .

8. Elements emergency . Remember it is important that our car always carry at least two triangles and a reflective high visibility vest, since they will be vital if we suffer an accident or breakdown en route.

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