84% of the child seats tested in 2016 get good note

Informe Sistemas de RetenciĆ³n Infantil 2016

Discover the child seats for cars that get better and worse evidence in this report of 2016.

we can Already take a look at the report on child seats for cars in each year, he participated in the RACE (Royal Automobile Club of Spain) along with other european clubs of motorists to check the quality of different child restraint systems (CRS) that we can find in the market. And the truth is, this year’s report, 2016 throws some figures to be very positive.

In particular, the vast majority of the chairs certified with the standard i-Size that have been put to the test they get a very positive note. In particular, 84% of the systems SRI that have been analyzed, approved on a good note. In total, we have analyzed 32 models of chairs from cars for boys, among which include eight units with the above-mentioned approval i-Size.

The main difference with respect to the approval ECE R44, these new chairs meet with the approval ECE R129 that includes a side impact test as well as a new system of measurement in function of the height of the child and not the weight and/or age as occurs with the other type-approval system. Obviously, the use of the height of a child is much more effective. In addition, it implies that children up to 15 months must travel in the opposite direction of the march.


Results of the tests they underwent 32 child seats for the car.

By the time both types of chairs with the two mentioned approval systems coexist in the european market, although it is logical that with the passage of time, one will prevail over the other. In this case, the forecast of the sector is that the regulation (i-Size is imposed to the rest of the way out.

Of the 32 chairs hire for children that have been analyzed at the european level one has obtained the maximum possible score, while 20 have reached a satisfactory level, and six acceptable. Only two models have been discontinued the test with a rating of unsatisfactory, and three with a result very unsatisfactory. In the following table you can check which models best and worst score they have achieved.

when buying a child seat for the car you can’t forget…

Sillas infantiles para coches

The use of these chairs in children with a height less than or equal to 1.35 cm is mandatory.

Before the end of this article it seems to me appropriate to recall some tips that we should keep in mind when buying a child seat. And is that its use is crucial in the safety of the little ones when travelling by car. These are some tips and issues you should keep in mind:

  • The chair should be installed in the car firm.
  • check that the seat belts are straight and do not form folds.
  • If the seat belt does not offer enough length, check that you can correctly use a separate base to attach the chair to the car.
  • The seat belt should be tight and well adjusted the child so that your operation is truly effective in case of acctidente.
  • Before you buy any chair query the characteristics of your car in search of possible limitations.

Remember that child seats reduce by half the
risk of death. And is that use in
children with a height less than or equal to 1.35 cm is required
. In addition, in
case of accident, the risk of death is reduced by half if the child is
using this retention system.