840 kg and 700 CV: the Rezvani Beast X promises to very strong emotions

Rezvani Beast is a supercar artisan based on the Ariel Atom british. It was presented a few months in the united States, and we have already attended the presentation of different versions. The latest novelty in the family Rezvani is called Beast X. It is the most powerful version to date of the Beast, and stands out because of its engine 2.4 source Honda has received a system of double turbocharging, with which it reaches nothing less than 700 BHP of power. A power of Lamborghini Aventador, with the weight of Fiat 500.

The car retains the tubular chassis of the Ariel Atom, as well as its reliable engine 2.4 source Honda.

To withstand the increase of power, the internal components of the engine have been reinforced, enjoying amenities such as forged pistons or new segments. The two turbochargers Borg-Warner raise the power output to 700 HP, but do not know the final performance of the car. we Assume a 0 to 100 km/h less than 3 seconds, even while retaining its manual gearbox six relations and a traditional scheme of propulsion rear. the weight of The car rises up to 840 kg, but it is still an animal that is very lightweight.

The differentiation with respect to other Beast is in the aesthetic plane, where the Beast X has a look very distinct. From the beginning, I maintain that the Beast looks like a Lamborghini Aventador in miniature, and the Beast X looks like an Aventador SV in miniature. Your body kit helps a lot more aerodynamic performance, with a huge spoiler on the rear of the car and a flat bottom, plus a rear diffuser and several lips aerodynamic. Its price will be no less than $ 325,000.

For that price, you can buy an Aventador of truth, and not one in miniature. Only give ideas.

Source: Autoblog
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