9 details for that, if you like the bikes custom, you enamoraras of the BMW R nineT Scrambler

BMW it has been proposed to remove the refined adventurer inside you and has given way to a BMW R nineT ready to go, with a lot of class, beyond the asphalt. As it could not be of another form has also been called the BMW R nineT Scrambler and one of its main charms lies in the high degree of customization that offers.

The preparations of the bikes are out of fashion and reach the general public:

there is No doubt that there is a genuine big movement of customizing bikes. cafe racer are more alive than ever, and with them have swept other styles, like the Brat or Scrambler. The firms have not wanted to be left out of this movement and there’s Ducati resurrecting the Scrambler, Yamaha with their program Yard Built and Yamaha XSR or BMW, who has already made his intentions clear with the BMW R nineT and confirmed now with this BMW R nineT Scrambler.

Brief review, what offers us mechanically BMW R NineT Scrambler?

(mechanical BMW R NineT Scrambler is in the hands of a flat-twin boxer refigerado air/oil that with a cubicaje 1.170 cc develops a power of 110 horses with a few 116 Nm. The part cycle has been adapted to that certain vocation offroad with a new front fork and wheels 19-inch and 17-inch (front/rear) that can be equipped with serial tyres of earth.

Ready to be customized:


serial BMW R nineT Scrambler has a good number of details designed by and for your customization:

1.- Wiring harnesses separated: BMW has facilitated the modification of the elements that interfere with the (electric bike offering two wiring harnesses that are well differentiated: one for the (mechanical and another for peripherals, such as the front light, the turn signals… thus facilitating the work to the time to change these items.

2.- Anchors to change the position of the registration: it is common to see preparations, especially in cruisers, where enrollment has been moved to the side. BMW has thought of it and facilitates the task with a series of anchors where also can locate the appropriate lighting.


3.- A deposit on aluminum optional untreated: in addition to the steel tank painted original R nineT Scrambler has the possibility of resorting to a deposit of aluminum where the welds are visible or well sanded, offering as well from the own brand one of the most habitúales when looking to give a touch of “rat” to our preparation.

4.- Dorsal and dome classic: among the official accessories released by BMW for the Scrambler we are with the traditional dorsal side number-posting and a new and timid dome that will feel phenomenal.



5.- Alone or accompanied, you decide: like the nineT “normal” the Scrambler offers the possibility of dispensing with the rear subframe… and with the square back.

6.- A grid for its lighthouse: this accessory will really feel well and extolling the perfection of its side offroad… despite the fact that it has a “but”, it is not legal for use on public roads. “Ouch”.


7.- Soundtrack Akrapovic: the Scrambler uses an exhaust system of high design with double outlet for the side. If the melody number you don’t like Akrapovic has the solution from the catalog of BMW.

8.- A collection of vintage clothing: in addition to customizing the bike we also found ourselves with a catalogue of clothes in BMW that house to perfection with the approach of this bike. A collection BMW Motorrad Style Vintage in addition, we can supplement with the helmet Legend or a leather jacket.


9.- Insurance BMW we have prepared some surprises with preparers first level: with the BMW R nineT the firm German has already surprised us by coming to one of the best coaches in the world to introduce us to different perspectives of the roadster, an idea that is sure to come back to repeat with the Scrambler.