9 fashion design-it should disappear from the automotive world

like that in the world of fashion, in the automotive world – as much or more globalized – there are a multitude of fashions. Fads on which we do not have a lot of control, fashions in the best of cases, are useless, and the greater part of them are cargantes or directly should disappear. The sound of the exhaust artificial’ll talk about another day, today we focus on things like the exhaust outlets fake or the obsession for coating in glossy plastic of black the whole interior of the car. Yes, we are picky.

1) Interior covered in plastic “Piano Black”

a few years Ago, some cars began to carry plastic moldings a satin black on the inside. glossy Finishes very pintones, that have spread like flames by all segments of the market. The problem with these finishes is that they scratch very easily and are very sensitive to dirt. Are quickly marked by our fingers and trap the dust better than a dust mop. Of your aging not to mention. Where were the finishes conventional, much more sustained and resilient?


2) exhaust paste

Is one of the things that hurts me most. One of the most fan of this solution is to Mercedes.

There are two types of exhaust “false”. One of them is the typical output is a chrome, that in its interior hides an exhaust pipe conventional. It is a type of escape that is little more than a bezel, to a certain extent, I can understand. The SEAT Ibiza Cupra takes one of these leaks, take heed. What I can understand are the cars in which behind there are two ovals chrome, completely from plastic fillers, imitating a tail exhaust. The exhaust is authentic is usually hidden under the bumper, pointing towards the floor.

This image combines sins 2, 3 and 4 of this list. Awesome.


3) Grids for all part’s function

Imagine a sports of yesteryear. Were cars full of grids, needed to feed air and cool your powerful and unhelpful force. A performance car has huge cooling needs, and these grids are necessary. The same is not true in a utilitarian 12,000€ or in the back of a saloon of representation. These grids false many times even the grids themselves, is solid plastic with relief, which mimics a grid metal. No thanks.


4) Diffusers aerodynamic non-functional

what Goes on a spoiler to make a significant difference in downforce a compact 120 HP? No, but it can have a positive influence on its aerodynamic coefficient, reducing their fuel consumption by a few tenths. Not the same cars whose bumpers rear there is a diffuser aerodynamic non-functional. A diffuser that is functional remains stable, the aerodynamic flow and especially at high speed creates greater downforce. A diffuser is not functional it is only a case more than I want to and I can’t.


5) Screens floating on the dashboard

These screens floating are not integrated in the dashboard, and left as if an accessory out.

This case can be a mania personal, I admit. Our dashboards are full of built-in displays. Instead of using a solution elegant folding screen, some brands opt to ride screens “floating” in the middle of the dashboard. These screens resemble a tablet, and they are almost never folding. Seem to be a accessory aftermarket. what is worse than a conventional display? For nothing, in fact, tend to have a good visibility, but what is certain is that it will pass out of fashion quickly.

Mercedes-Benz A-Klasse (W 176) 2015Mercedes-Benz A-Class (W 176

6) Wheels of excessive size

we have Already spoken on many occasions of the effect on the performance of these wheels are of large size. A 19-inch alloy wheels with low profile tires and 255 mm wide are very good at a sport, but a saloon generalist are more than excessive, as in a SUV, or a utility, worsening their performance. In fact, a tire with a little more profile contributes greatly to the ride comfort. Another added benefit of a tire size that is more logical is that the price of tires is lower.


7) Crystals becoming smaller

we Sacrifice safety for

We like to feel protected on-board. We like our car to be that image’s brave and strong from the outside, with a lot of sheet metal, big wheels and little glass. Each time the cars have less glass area, and have to resort to cameras and attendants to park. In addition to making it more difficult maneuvers, a bad visibility, it also harms our security: it makes us waver in embodiments, prevents us from seeing the limits of the road and, in general, deprives us of information from our environment.

Range Rover Evoque 2015

8) Kits off-road paste

All the cars have to be suvs today, at least in the eyes of your buyers. So, all they have to have bars on the ceiling, suspension high and protections off-road course. The problem is when a crossover or a version crossover of tourism is to play at being an off-road and instead of taking a engine protection real take a piece of silvery plastic on the lower part of the bumper. It is one of those cases in which the appearances are not convincing, at least from my point of view.


9) rear Pillars cut down, or covered in plastic

if you Look at cars like the new Opel Astra or the Hyundai i20. What do they have in common? Your C-pillar seems to be cut, with the hollow plastic filler dark. It’s one of those inexplicable fads that will pass at some point. It is not serious, doctor, but it is more severe in the case of some cars – especially americans – in which part of the rear window is dark plastic. A cheap way to avoid mounting a piece of glass and save yourself a few euros. This fashion is not too extended, for the time being.


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