9 museums of cars that you can visit without leaving home thanks to Google Street View!

We love the museums cars. I have had the privilege of visiting the museums of Porsche and Mercedes in Stuttgart recently, and the experience is magical for any fan to the engine. In my future plans is to visit the museums of BMW and Saab, two brands that I keep special affection. However, these visits are expensive and complicated, either because of the time needed to organize the trip as per the distance. Thanks to Google Street View, you’ll be able to visit these 9 incredible museums of cars without leaving home.

1) Museo Lamborghini, Sant’agata Bolognese (Italy)

What’s better? A Lamborghini Miura in perfect condition, and prototypes such as the Rapier or the advance of the Devil.

Although Lamborghini just to have 50 years of history, it is not possible to understand the trajectory of the supercar Italian without taking into account the company founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini. The Museum Lamborghini is attached to the factory in Santa Agata, where each and every one of the bulls rolling, are manufactured almost handmade. It is a small museum, but is a flowering of prototypes – such as the beautiful Rapier – and specimens historical: Miura, Kamal, 3500GT… oh, there are even engines for boats with outboard!

2) Porsche Museum, Zuffenhausen (Germany)

If you visit the museum in a physical way, don’t forget to come by the shop. I assure you that you will leave with less money in your account.

The mecca of sports car is the museum of Porsche. Located in the historic district of Zuffenhausen, keeps in its interior the file of Porsche, as well as a permanent collection that gives an overview of the complete history of Porsche. The tradition and obsession for the history Porsche is insane, and we must never forget the interesting collections are not permanent, which is presented in the museum. Maybe they are cars of Le Mans, perhaps prototypes of vehicles that never came to occur. An unforgettable experience.

3) Toyota Automobile Museum, Nagoya (Japan)

What’s better? The ticket costs only 1,000 yen, and has been renovated in full in January 2016.

The european museums of cars are more or less accessible, but there are museums such as the Toyota Automobile Museum whose access is much more complicated. It is in Nagoya, and in it are exposed permanently to some 160 vehicles faithfully represent the history of the largest manufacturer of cars in the world. Interestingly, not only are there cars of Toyota in this museum, there are classic european and american, as well as other japanese cars, as a comparison. A museum full of tradition, and indispensable for fans of the japanese car.

4) National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green (United States)

What’s better? Do not be afraid to make the earth melts beneath your feet, and you might end up buried next to a C4 Corvette.

do You remember the “tunnel of death” that swallowed several Corvettes at museum in Kentucky? This is the same museum that you can admire without the presence of potholes, and explore little by little from the screen from your computer. In addition, the central area, you can access the various galleries of the museum, where there are authentic jewels on four wheels. This Street View is updated to 2016, with the last models developed by Chevrolet, as new Stingray.

5) Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles (United States)

Its exterior has been completely renovated, and is now the best museum of cars from the U.S.

Possibly the museum of cars more spectacular from across the united States. A huge private collection valued at perhaps more than 1,000 million dollars, with unique jewels of pre-war cars and iconic of all and each one of the decades. Special mention deserves its main entrance hall and the room of special exhibits, where of when in when show jewelry whose value exceeds 10 or 20 million dollars. Be sure to visit both floors of the exhibition and if you are in the area physically, you must visit.

6) Skoda Museum, Mlada Boleslav (Czech Republic)

Skoda began its history more than 100 years ago, manufacturing bicycles. To be called Laurin & Klement.

Another brand with its own museum that can be visited with Google Street View is Skoda. Maybe it is not the brand with the most sports tradition, and their cars do not reach millions of dollars at auction, but you should not ignore its history. dates back more than 100 years, and began with the bicycle. In the museum – situated next to the production plant in Mlada Boleslav in the Czech Republic – have a small permanent collection, representative of the history of the brand. Mindful of their old racing cars and their popular classics.

7) Mazda Museum, Hiroshima (Japan)

despite having left their facilities destroyed after the Second World War, Mazda has flourished to be one of the top manufacturers in the world.

The museum of Mazda is located next to the headquarters of Mazda, in the city of Hiroshima. In this virtual tour you will be able to see the trajectory of the brand, from its birth as a manufacturer of commercial vehicles, three-wheeled, passing by small suvs and sports rotary engine as the lovely Cosmo Sport of the 60’s. Its proximity to the factory has achieved, among other things, that many students take as a summer project for the restoration of classics that are subsequently exposed in the museum.

8) Honda Collection Hall, Motegi (Japan)

do You like motorcycles? In the Honda Collection Hall there are hundreds of motorbikes of the Honda history. Truly unbelievable./div>

Located next to the Twin Ring Motegi – one of the circuits most famous in Japan, which you will recognize if you’re a fan of Best Motoring – is the Honda Collection Hall. The museum of Honda, a huge installation of three floors in which there is a complete review of the history of Honda: cars, bikes, robots, engines, machines, and power tools, and even mowing. A review of obsessive to one of the brands that has made their engines and their engineering a real triumph. I teleport on-demand to Japan!

9) McLaren Technology Centre, Woking (United Kingdom)

unfortunately, not let us see the lines of production sports car McLaren.

is Not a museum, but the facilities of McLaren in Woking are well worth a virtual tour. Located in an unbeatable natural environment – for a car manufacturer – are as clean as an operating room, and in its halls, you can appreciate the jewels of the competition, as well as any of the current supercars manufactured by the brand. Of course, could not miss one of the cars of the canam car of Bruce McLaren or one of the precious McLaren F1 of the years 90. A good ride to finish this virtual tour.

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