9 technologies of the future (sometimes amazing) to see soon in the Mercedes Class E

Although sometimes we do not appreciate, and we give all the importance that we should, the automotive industry is immersed in a technological race unprecedented. There was a time when each manufacturer focused all their attention on a product around which revolved all others. A product that, when renewed, took an unprecedented technology deployment that was gradually introduced in the rest of the range. And that technology was perfected gradually in the rest of renewed models. And two years were enough for the novelties introduced by the flagship Mercedes-Benz S-Class, no longer impressive. So those of Stuttgart have their ace in the hole , Mercedes Class E loaded with technology, sometimes stunning systems and closer to the autonomous car , scheduled know next to his landing in showrooms in the spring of 2017. And here’s a look at 9 technologies of the future we’ll see in showrooms with the new Mercedes Class E year.

Theoretically, the new Mercedes E-Class may move “hands” motorway. Obviously, this technology still have to adhere to the limits of current legislation.

1. A semi-autonomous car . According to Mercedes-Benz ahead in a private advance on future technology Mercedes Class E (Autonews Europe), the Intelligent Drive technology will give a major step forward. The new E-Class not only have a adaptive cruise control keeps the distance with other cars at speeds up to 200 km / h (a limit which of course only makes sense in Autobahn), but is also able to brake and turn the steering wheel, following other cars, and reading the outline of the road. Theoretically it could be driven on the road without hands, in any case, this technology still have to deal with the legislation. [1.99901 million]

Mercedes-Benz also noted that at speeds up to 130 km / h the car would be able to automatically rotate even in sections where there are no lines on the road, or these are blurred. [1.99901 million]


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The new E-Class not only be able to automatically brake to avoid an accident in situations that do not currently cover most emergency braking systems but also turn the steering wheel slightly to make a dodge.

2. or a radar did not jump. Reading signs, and radar warning based on mapping and GPS Mercedes-Benz would step over to your car automatically adjust the speed and avoid exceeding the limits in the vicinity of a radar ( We speak safety camera, of course). It will achieve with their technology Pilot Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčLimit . [1.99901 million]

3. Emergency braking more precise Active Brake Assist . The accuracy of the systems emergency braking increase significantly, more effective identifying cars that are stopped on the road, cars with which we crossed at an intersection (Volvo has already submitted something similar), detect pedestrians, and even anticipates letting us know well in advance that a group of cars stopped in traffic.

4. Automatic with Evasive Steering Assist elusive. The future Mercedes E-Class not only be able to brake to avoid a collision, but also turn the wheel enough to prevent accidents, such as a pedestrian or hit a car.


The Mercedes E-Class we will see in 2017 will open up and parked, parallel or perpendicular, from your mobile phone and will be permanently connected to the “cloud”.

5. Remote control to park our car Remote Parking Pilot . As we saw in the newly introduced BMW 7 Series, Mercedes-Benz also wants the Class E can be parked with a remote control at a distance of up to three meters and using our smartphone. The E-Class goes further, and can park in parallel or perpendicular. A technology that tries to make more comfortable the parking maneuver in tight parking spaces.

6. See what happens behind the corner or obstacle, thanks to the car connected . According to Mercedes, the new E-Class will step beyond communication between cars, car-to-car, and infrastructure. So your car will transmit information to a control unit of Daimler, which in turn is synchronized with the radio stations and systems traffic alerts, to let us know well in advance of incidents that we will meet on the road.

7. The Mercedes E-Class will cause your car keys again unless necessary . Suffice it to your mobile, with closer to the door handles or carry in your pocket, so your car opens. That same technology will allow us to store on the mobile phone memory of our preferences, such as the position of the seat, steering wheel and mirrors.


To protect passengers, seats will move slightly in a crash and generate a noise that will prevent stun generated instant roar of a shock in our ears.

8. More active protection in case of accident with Pre-Safe Side Impulse . We want to know in more detail how this technology works. Apparently, the front seats of the E-Class will have a side airbag to inflate in a crash, the seat moves slightly toward the center to move away from the doors and mitigate the damage we suffer in a side impact.

9. Pre-Safe Sound will keep our ears suffer with the noise generated by an accident. It would seem that when someone has an accident, the least important is the damage we may cause the crash. There are more important to worry about, at least so far were things. In any case, the instantaneous roar generated in a crash, can cause ear damage and help the dazed passenger, along with other factors such as slowdown, or exploding airbag, may be greater. That’s why Mercedes-Benz have devised a system to detect a risk of collision generates a sound before the crash, similar to the waves, so our ears a split second prepare before the accident and not suffer much with the noise.

Simply brilliant.

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