9 tips essential about how to use the fog lights

Came the cold, and with it the rain, the snow, and the happy – and dangerous – fog. Unfortunately, in these dates is also far too common for us to see as many drivers connect the fog lights, and kept them on until may. Also we will see drivers in low-visibility conditions are not properly using the lighting systems. And I think it’s time to remember how important it is to make a proper use of the lighting of our car, a necessary practice, which can even save life, or to at least avoid that we see involved in accidents is really serious.

¿why is it so important to make a proper use of the lighting?

  • Want to see. The fundamental task of the headlights is to illuminate the road. That is the reason why our car has headlights, short and long range, and you can have fog lights, we provide lighting if we travel by roads covered by a bank of fog.
  • we Want to see. It is a truism, and the reason why our car has rear headlights, brake lights, direction indicators, daytime running lights, and pilot fog lamps.
  • we Want to avoid dazzling other drivers. Perhaps, what many drivers forget is that it is as dangerous as sin by default, in the use of the headlights, like they do for excess. The use of a lighting system in a time in which it is not necessary, and may even dazzle to other drivers, is not only dangerous, but also punishable by law.


drivers fog rear

1. Don’t forget it. The fog rear dazzle drivers. It is very important that you remember this point. The fog in the rear have not been designed to be used by default, to ensure that other drivers see us better in any situation. The big problem of these pilots is that they have a lighting very powerful, so that dazzle (and a lot) to other drivers. Are standard on all cars.
2. do Not use the fog lamp in the rear during the night. Since many agencies are encouraged not to use the drivers fog lamps rear during the night. Why? Because with low light the lights of our car will be more visible than during the day, and probably more than enough to guarantee that we will be seen. Lighting powerful of the fog lamp in the rear also makes its ability to dazzle other drivers during the night is greater.
3. The fog rear ONLY with fog very thick. It is important to remember, therefore, that the mere fact that there is fog on the road is not reason to use the fog lamps in the rear. In fact the DGT expressly prohibits its use, except in conditions really complicated (fog very intense, a downpour considerable or a nevada very copious). I repeat, a haze on the road is not reason enough to use the drivers rear fog. Should only be used when we have difficulties to clearly see the cars that we precede to less than 25 metres. That is to say, in those moments that costs us differentiate that there are cars very close, within what we consider our safety distance.
4. We insist once more on the pilots, and the fog lamps in the rear must not be connected, never, under any circumstances, from which we initiate our journey, until we reach our destination. You only have to connect to, on time, in very specific situations such as those already mentioned above. We should even remember to turn them off if we are detained in a traffic jam.


front fog lamps

5. To see better the road, the role of the front fog lamps is really important, because they are designed to widen the light beam and providing the vision for the limits of the road. The fog lights, by their position, and approach, are able to illuminate down and to the margins of the road, the lights of short and long range. That makes it easier, and a lot of, our view of the limits of the road. The fog lights, although they are very common, they are not mandatory (nor its use, nor its installation series in the car)
6. Unlike the fog in the rear, the front fog lamps should be used ALWAYS the fog make act of presence, or in visibility conditions delicate, such as intense rain, clouds, smoke, or dust.
7. The front fog lamps can also be used in situations where there is no fog, or low visibility, but if, and only if we drive by a road very close (with bottom platform of 6.5 meters), and in a segment that is properly marked as a part of curves.
8. fog lights ALWAYS we have to use them with the lights short-range, but NEVER we will use the light of long-range in stretches with fog. The light of long-range mist does not increase our field of vision, and itself can provoke us to glare by the reflection effect that occurs in the moment in which the powerful light from these lamps passes through the water droplets.
9 In any case, the fog lights may also dazzle, reflected in mirrors, and be annoying to other road users. This is why you have to remember that, except in the conditions in which it is allowed to use, you’ll have to drive with the fog lights disconnected. In fact, the correct use of the front fog lamps is also a matter of punishment, fine.

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