9 years submerged in a pond, the view on Google Maps

coche-9-años-sumergido-estanqueagree we are in that when we visualize Google Maps we focused in our search and not in the details. According to we are also that the maps lack of an update in a short period. However, to have fixed in the details, in the map, would have concluded in finding a man who had disappeared 9 years, along with his car.

The story leaves us perplexed by how easy it could be to find Davie Lee Niles, a man of advanced age who, after going out to a bar 9 years ago never came back home. Sure hope he was put on a flight, at least saving his life, but the reality is that it was submerged in a pond near the bar where he had spent the time.


No one heard anything, and no one thought that it could have, for nearly a decade, a car that was submerged with a man inside at the side of the house. They say those who live there, that the pond contains a very turbid water, and that from the shore nothing is seen. And here is where enters the scene Google Maps, which could have solved the issue. And in addition to the public.

If you look at the picture, you’ll see that in the pond there is a shape rectangular color clear, under the water. It is apparently the car of mr. Davie Lee Niles, that he was there and no one had seen it. They say that it was a neighbor who, up to the roof of your house to perform a repair, noticed that there was something inside of the above-mentioned pond.

The authorities eventually found the car, and a body in its interior. The car is the same as the one that led Niles that day, and we investigate if, in fact, lost there life. Now need to know the causes of the accident, as there are a few parking spaces near the pond, which might indicate a human error that led to the fatality.

Source – Jalopnik

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