911: 50 years of evolution in video, has changed the 911


The Porsche 911 has reached age 50 some time ago, so let the “license” art for the title of this article. The truth is that glorified the Volkswagen Beetle – so called Jeremy Clarkson – has remained true to its original configuration rear engine and rear-wheel drive and its general form has hardly changed. Although it not an air-cooled Porsche 993 from the car, remains always the same iconic sports. This video is their evolution.

52 years of evolution in thirty seconds

Evolution of its side profile . The most notable change is the growth of the length of the mythical German sports.

Evolution of its Front . Have allowed the second generation, perhaps because of its multitude of variants and comprehensive development in almost 20 years of existence.

In this video taken as a reference to a Stroke RS 2 .7 as 911 classic, without distinguishing between the first and second generation.

In any case, interesting videos that show the evolution of one of the sporting icons of the twentieth century and part of the century XXI .

Source: Motor Authority
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