A Alfa Romeo Giulia with bodywork family could reach Europe in 2017


Recreation of the Alfa Romeo Giulia family by X-Tomi Design

the launch of The Alfa Romeo Giulia has been assumed a breath of fresh air for the Italian brand. Has started with good levels of sales in Europe and will soon reach the united States. On our continent have been sold 5.150 units of the sedan in its first nine months. But it is expected that in future this model comes at an amazing annual fee among 75,000 and 100,000 units.

With a few expectations are so good and a potential as high there are already some that are raised if they could get other variants. We talk about a possible Alfa Romeo Giulia with bodywork family. It is the case of Felipe Muñoz, a market analyst Jato Dynamics, which left a few interesting statements in a recent interview. “Without a family member will not be competing in the largest portion the segment of premium vehicles of average size.”

Alfa Romeo GiuliaAccording to Muñoz, the family represent 42% of the sales of medium cars premium in Europe. If Alfa Romeo were to be limited to sell only the body vehicle would be reaching only 33%, a fee considerably less. This opinion is shared in part by Sergio Marchionne, CEO of FCA, said that the architecture of the Guilia had proven to be “everything that we hoped for and more.”

Although there is still no official confirmation, this Alfa Romeo Giulia family could be presented throughout 2017. Right now we have to make do with recreation, which is spearheading this news and that shows as it would be the most sporting of all, the Quadrifoglio Verde. To see if in the next few months we will be receiving more information about this new family that does not look bad.

Source – Automotive News