A Audi A3 coupe similar to the Mercedes-Benz CLA is planned in Ingolstadt

Audi A3 Sedán 2016

The brand of the four rings has been seen overcome in 2016 and again by its two main rivals, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, in terms of global sales are concerned. It is likely that the German firm is thinking of offering new products to get closer to his two compatriots. One of them, according to our colleagues of Auto Express could be the Audi A3 Coupe, a concept similar to the Audi A5, but obviously in a smaller size.

This Audi A3 Coupe would come to fight directly with the Mercedes-Benz CLA, that such good results are giving the signature of the three-pointed star. The means to which we referred says that this model should be ready for the end of this decade, so that it would take as a basis the future Audi A3, fourth-generation. Therefore, the range A3 would be composed at least by a body of 3-door, Sportback (5 doors) and the Coupe.

Audi TT Sporback Concept

Audi TT Sporback Concept

we Recall that the signature of Ingolstadt has provided a range of no less than 60 individual models for the year 2020, so that a Audi A3 Coupe could marry perfectly in this enlargement product. However, the arrival of this new model makes us wonder if Audi will keep the A3 Sedan between their product offerings, since their sales could be reduced.

The differences of the front part of this coupe model, if it is finally confirmed, would be minimal compared to the rest of Audi A3. Obviously the side view would be very different with respect to the range, with a smooth silhouette and fall of the roof; much more so than in the current Audi A3 Sedan. behind would be significantly altered with respect to their brethren of range. The habitat likely to see reduced space for the rear seats, especially in the dimension of height, although it is possible to gain some inches in space for the legs if you extend your battle.

Source – Auto Express

Audi A3
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