A Audi A8 autonomous was the star of the Berlinale

Audi brought 300 cars to move the stars up the red carpet at the Berlinale, among them 80 Audi Q7 e-tron, which we have already had occasion to prove, but the star was this Audi A8 L W12. According to the brand, the car picked up the actor Daniel Brühl and his girlfriend Felicitas Rombold at your hotel in Berlin, and led to the Berlinale.

The Audi A8 walked all the way without human intervention, with the smoothness that is supposed to be a driver, something that corroborated the German actor. The conduction system of the autonomous is designed to act as a professional driver, with the maximum smoothness of movements. This is a new milestone in the development of this technology by Audi.

The car was oriented not only with the navigation data, but with emblematic buildings of Berlin. is Not the first time that the autonomous cars of Audi are facing real traffic, since the public testing began in the State of Nevada (USA) two years ago. The main difference compared to previous tests, is that this time we had witnesses everywhere.