A Audi R8 for Japan, which pays homage to Final Fantasy XV

Audi R8 Final Fanasysometimes, the world of the engine is mixed with the film or the video games. Some models we have seen for the first time on the big screen and have subsequently been launched in the market, as for example the BMW i8 driven by the actor Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 4 with his role as Izan Hunt. By the side of the video games, there are sagas dedicated to driving simulation, and more arcade.

In this case, the relationship is of car and video game, though the latter is not very related with the racing of vehicles precisely. This is the exclusive edition for Japan Audi R8 Star of the Lucis, that takes the inspiration of the video game “Final Fantasy XV”, the latest addition to the saga that is anything less than 30 years leads to “pervert” the young and not so young.

Audi R8 Final FanasyThe changes of this Audi R8 that is a tribute to Final Fantasy XV are aesthetic, and try to give a touch of “evil” to the supercar German. The color of the body is, as it could not be otherwise, black. As we can see in the images, appear exclusive details in the front, the mirror housings, the side and the back spoiler, giving a spectacular design about new tires specific.

The mechanical version, chosen for this Audi R8, Star of Lucis is the Audi R8 V10 plus. Remember that this version is the more potent of the two existing in the coupe of Audi, with no less than 610 hp emanating from the propellant 5.2 maximum torque and maximum power.

If you’re interested in him, as we have said, it will be sold in Japan. Will go on sale next Monday 21 November and far beyond the almost 220,000 euros which is the cost of the R8 V10 plus in Spain; it is more, doubles the number: 430.000 euros.

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