A billionaire Russian acquires the 99% of Nürburgring

Nürburgring quitará los límites de velocidada month Ago was in the news for removing speed limits. This time Nürburgring becomes to be in the spotlight, but on the other very different issue. The mythical path had some economic problems from the year 2014, and apparently the billionaire Russian Viktor Kharitonin acquired by that time 80% of the units to solve the problems of the circuit.

These data and percentages were kept secret until today, no Forbes-Russia has revealed the operation to the full. Everything indicates that Khatorin has increased its participation in the circuit up to 99%. The Russian 43, co-founder of the pharmaceutical company Pharmstandard, it would have paid about 38 million euros by this transaction, but also have to count the prior purchase.

Nürburgring quita límites de velocidadit Is estimated that the Russian entrepreneur has had to pay in total an amount of 77 million euros to be owner of the Nürburgring to the 99%. The next question that comes to our head is, who is the possessor of 1% ? The answer is the company GetSpeed, who are the former owners of the circuit and want to follow linked to the project even if it is testimonial.

remember that in 2015 there were no Formula 1 Grand Prix in Germany on economic issues. It was the turn of the Nürburgring, because in Germany it toggles a circuit each year, and this season we touch the turn of Hockenheim. What then is to happen in 2017? what Will the F1 at the ‘Ring’? it is Still early to say, but Kharitonin seems to be willing to return to negotiations to do just that.

Source – Forbes Russia