A BMW 330d reaches 186,269 km/h on two wheels and is made with the record

BMW 330d record velocidad dos ruedasAlthough normally we are used to seeing cars on four wheels, there are some specialists who insist on going on two wheels. It is the case of the Finnish driver Vesa Kivimaki that has been proposed to beat the Guinness Record of speed using only the wheels on the left side. And not do it with a sports car, not even with one very powerful, but with a BMW 330d similar to the one that we could see on any road.

Although the sedan diesel carries a key component to beat this record and will be your tires. When a car is supported only on two wheels, all the weight falls on the outer wall of the tire. It is not usual, and therefore are not prepared to do this and wear out quickly, preventing to beat this kind of feats. In fact this record had been kept intact since the year 1997.

And the solution eventually has brought Nokian Tyres, a tire and rubber company with headquarters in Finland. For some of its products, this brand uses a synthetic polymer that receives the name of Aramid and that will stand out because of its robustness and resistance. As a curiosity, it is used in composite ballistic. Although this time will serve to strengthen the tire, BMW 330d and get the speed record on two wheels.

After knowing the secret, we can already enjoy the feat on video. Attention is called to as the Vesa Kivimaki executed to perfection the attempts barely without hesitation, even when is going to increase the speed. According to the organization it was necessary to measure the maximum speed at a distance of 100 meters. Finally reach 186,269 km/h, a startling figure and one that exceeds the to 181.25 km/h the previous record.

Source – Guinness World Records

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