A BMW 5-Series E28 Rat Rod at the SEMA Las Vegas

In the SEMA of Las Vegas meet every year for an unlimited number of coaches, some of them of great renown, while other individuals may cause more sensation than these. It is the case of Mike Burroughs, who has surprised all and sundry with his BMW 5-Series E28 Rat Rod.


do Not be a great name for being an artist in this tuning

mr. Burroughs has taken nothing more and nothing less than four lengths to complete his work, work of art, we might say, has been the carved and created to give that touch forgotten and rusty, a work very difficult to stay well, because as the saying goes a little like and a lot bored. A perfect balance.

modifications, beyond those that jump to the naked eye, ranging from a tubular chassis that is completely new and hand-made, until a block of six cylinders BMW retuned to the maximum by the guys from VAC Motorsports, reaching a displacement of 3.7 liters and a compression ratio of 14:1. The total power has not been revealed.

As a good Rat Rod crowd, many cars have been used to donate parts. For example, in tires BBS from a Porsche 956, and so a long list of components. However Mike has had to make himself a lot of parts, including the seats and the greater part of the interior.


The rear tires are 19 inches, while the front are 16

A wonder as could not be otherwise been left to see in the event tuning is most important on the planet. The BMW E28 Rat Rod Mike is only one of the thousands of cars that we have been able to see these past few days at the SEMA, a sample that any fan of the cars should go at least once in the life.