A BMW i8 in my garage: sportsmanship sustainable

Leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city and me in on the highway. It is getting dark, I want to get to the coast to rest this night, not without first testing the dynamic capabilities of our partner. What is my destination? The Costa de la luz.


BMW i8 at the Parador de Mazagón

We are going to stay in the Parador de Mazagón is located in a privileged environment surrounded by nature, close to the sea, in the natural space of Doñana, which allows us to rest and in a certain way to live in harmony with nature.

Active control of speed and consumption plummets, in some sections the instrumentation comes to point out a record that is less than 5 liters per 100 kilometers. The digit in question is not important, but I am clear that consumes less energy than any other vehicle that offers the same power and the same dynamic capabilities.

When you reach the Parador step completely unnoticed, the electrical mode, gives me a circular of a very subtle manner, and what I prefer, this space ship is not to turn necks wherever it goes.


Beautiful panorama in the Parador. I think I’m going to relax.

Living with the city

In urban tours, as we told you yesterday, the BMW i8 is very comfortable, more for its softness than for its acoustic insulation, although if the road for which we are circulating is impaired or poorly paved, continually transmits the irregularities of the asphalt, “default”, which we especially appreciate when we take road curves.

experience as the owner of the BMW i8 doesn’t disappoint

The front seats hold well the body on paths that are winding and are comfortable, although its striking design can not regulate the surface of the sidewalk. As can be seen in our photos on the glass of the windows don’t lower completely and sticks out a few inches of the door.

Despite its exotic forms, the i8 is not a great limitaciones to be used daily, if we do not take into account the lack of discretion, which is one of its great features.


it is Not designed to break lap times, but it moves very well

driving Impressions on the road

As you have been told, the BMW i8 has several modes of driving and when the three-cylinder engine of the i8 comes into operation, it does not work so smooth as in other hybrids, in this case it hears, and feels.

Whenever you can use the electric motor

Whenever possible, the vehicle will operate in mode power at low to medium speeds, like when driving by a village, and turn on the gasoline engine if it requires a lot of acceleration, such as when you step on the pedal to the metal, or if we exceed the 120 Km/h.

In Sport mode, with the gasoline engine is always running, the electric motor acts of support, the more battery charge you have the greater your benefits.


The BMW i8 makes the 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds

Curiously, the sport mode also serves to recharge the battery, especially at the time of retention, or deceleration, where the regenerative braking is in charge of feeding the batteries.

With the batteries charged to cap the response of the car is sensational, not by its passage through a curve or a stability that is always good (its weight is 1.560 Kg ) if not because the response to throttle is much more rapid.

in Spite of his majestic figure, attention is called to how light it is once we drive and as obecede before the trajectory changes. Even if you’re not thinking to beat speed records with the charged batteries has an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h as a BMW M5 560 HP.

To take into account the face of your acquisition

Looking for a BMW dealer i where you can buy your BMW i8. If you can keep the battery charged model, you can enjoy a best performance and lowest consumption.

If you have a garage common you will need to inform the community of neighbours of the installation of a charging point in your parking space.

The hybrid being can benefit from some assistance

If you have a single garage so you have more easy, so yes, I recommend you check your rate, since the ideal is to hire a fee with time discrimination to recharge the car at night and that your cost is really low.

we Also recommend that at the time this review to fund the conditions that you offer insurers since consulting different offerings for a driver bachelor of 30 years of age, which performs about 15,000 annual miles, we have seen policies to all risk without franchise from two thousand to eight thousand euros.

Given the type of vehicle that it is, also promote the option of installing some type of locator to have a greater security when for reasons of force majeure, the car has to stay in the street during the night.


The BMW i8 at the beach of Mazagón

frequently asked Questions and answers

then I leave with the most frequently asked questions I’ve received while I’ve lived with the model. There have been many but this is a small selection:

¿note a response very brutal low compared to other cars with engine only combustion?

everyone who tried it is surprised by the way in which both motors work together, in practice it is as if the electric engine was the “turbo” of the gasoline.

¿didn’t have a wrench with a screen?

So it is, the BMW i8 has available a display key, which can be equipped at the time of manufactured the car and not after, that is to say, it is an extra that is asked to the factory, not an accessory.

¿it Is more Gran turismo or sports?

it Is very comfortable to ride, BMW does not consider the i8 as a sports in a strict sense, if you want a sporty, you have a BMW M4, this is a proposal more technology that serves as a showcase for the future.

¿it Is difficult to get in and out of it?

The door has a threshold that is voluminous, a little high, in that you have to support you to exit and enter, but doing a little bit of force you can exit the vehicle without problems. Entering is easy, you sit on the threshold and glide slowly towards the seat.

¿This car wears headlights laser?

Can be optionally equipped, in fact it was the first car in our market in mount. It is an extra that has a price of 7.667,62 €

¿What information gives the car while you charge your batteries?

The plug, at the step wheel in the front, change color to indicate if it is charging, or if your load has changed, the instrumentation also shows the kilometers that you can make in electric mode (though not the potenci of recharge or time remaining to completion), and this information can also be accessed with the display key.


while Admiring the panorama

Sportsmanship sustainable

The manufacturers have been giving the super sport, a super sport in the past was the enemy of the comfort and comfort in part due to its radical approach.

Today it is possible to have a sporty vehicle and does not renounce to the comfort. Even the very concept of a super sports today enables other approaches would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

Tomorrow you’ll see the team’s opinion of the engine.it is