A BMW i8 out of tone, by German Special Customs

BMW i8 preparado por German Special CustomsIn Current Engine we have talked time and again about the BMW i8. Is the model of production with more advanced technology created by the brand German up to date. It is a sporty hybrid that, while you may not be catalogued supercar, it offers a performance very worthy with their 362 horses and consumption approved of just 2,1 liters. The side “less beautiful” is its price, which is around 140.000 euros.

This high technology that we talk about in your technical part was perfectly expressed by the designers in the entire body, and also in the passenger compartment. Although it is not our case, that may have been lovers of the cars who think that the BMW i8 needed a image more aggressive and not so futuristic, that is to say, an aesthetic more sports that do not accompany so much to the type of vehicle which is in itself the BMW i8.

For that minority, the coach German Special Customs has developed a series of modifications on the hybrid sports German. In the first place have completely changed the color of the body of the model, that series always offered in bright shades, for a finish, matte grey. This color has been combined with a bright blue that appears in various areas of the body, as well as in the new tires of large dimensions and a very low profile of the tires.

BMW i8 preparado por German Special CustomsThe front, after the modification of the coach, presumed to be of a more aggressive and sporty with a big mouth in the hood and new ways in the bumper. Not only is it more aggressive by the aesthetic changes in their forms, but because the new matte gray color helps the aggression.

In the cabin have also carried out some modifications though (luckily) not as sharp as on the outside. They include, above all, the seats reupholstered with Alcantara blue in a good part of its surface. This blue color takes a starring role here, because in addition to the seats found on the dashboard, steering wheel, grilles of venting and in some details of the doors.

we do Not know if German Special Customs has also modified the mechanical part and improved their performance. What is clear is that will have lost something of comfort and gained stiffness on the curve, since the wheels before we cited are of larger dimensions and mounted tires of a lower profile.

What is your opinion about this preparation? Do you like more the BMW i8 out of stock or you prefer to this unit from German Special Customs that we see in the images?

BMW i8 preparado por German Special CustomsSource – German Special Customs

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