A BMW M3 E30, the last proposal on LEGO Ideas


Probably for many of us a BMW M3 E30 is the car of our dreams, but as we all know, the prices are exorbitant, reaching the 90,000€ -costing more than a M3 today. The M3 E30, manufactured from 1986 to 1994, was the first M3 of the five generations until the day of today.

There are many proposals in the program Lego Ideas about the world of the engine, but without a doubt, this kit of a BMW M3 E30 is one of the best, in addition to the designer has revealed that there are several ways to create it.


Lego Ideas is a platform on which its users, prior registration to get a Lego ID, you may vote on proposals of the people, so that, for example, a Caterham Seven 620R or a plane-style Steampunk materialize, and can be manufactured and subsequently marketed by the company Danish.

The BMW M3 E30 was a approval of BMW to enter touring car racing and became a big success in the championship DTM in Germany and the BTCC in Britain.

the creator of The kit of the BMW M3 E30 has thought of everything in his design of this great icon of the automotive industry, and for example, we will be able to open the hood, doors and trunk lid if we want to. In addition to the seats may recline forward.


by Opening the hood to forward -as does the real version – the M3 E30 LEGO displays your engine S14, probably one of the engines most recognized in the world of motorsport.

This proposal on the LEGO Ideas need 10,000 people to help the project to proceed and can be marketed. Without doubt, you don’t encounter an element that can decorate better a shelf that a BMW M3 E30. In the absence of having a real one, we’ll have to make do with your miniature version, if it eventually comes to making.

BMW Series 3
From 30.800 euro