A boat in the belly of an airplane: the most crazy of transporting a car in 1955

The archive of British Pathé (which you should visit to find real jewelry in the form of a paper chart) continues to surprise us. The NO-DO of United Kingdom – to call in some way – leaves us with a somewhat peculiar of transporting a car by plane, that would have been used in the year 1955, in a video that we knew these days thanks to Jalopnik. To move a car on a plane has always been a challenge, very interesting to solve. What you could not imagine is how to resolve in 1955, the problem of to move a precious MG convertible red from London, to Germany, using a plane and a boat.

The Speedpack consisted in cargo compartments, with the appearance of a boat, that is adosaban to the belly of a plane, such as the Lockheed Constellation video.

According to the video, this transport system – known by that time as Speedpack – would have been designed in the united States. Was in partially dismantle the car, that it is a MG was not too complicated. The workers cleared the windshield, and wheels, and introduced the car in a boat in a safe manner, to prevent to suffer damage.

once introduced into the boat, it was coupled directly to the base of a plane, that later would lift the flight to make sure your order arrives quickly, and safely, to your destination.

Far from being an anecdote, this type of transport was not much less anecdotal at the time. The Lockheed Constellation was used for years, in addition to the transport of passengers, for the transfer of loads in this curious trunk detachable ventral. In google you can find pictures really curious of these Speedpack.

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