A box of beer motorized, a madness that could only come from Germany [video]

Germany is a great nation. A few days ago I read a meme quite descriptive, summarizing the country in beer, cars and everything related to the Oktoberfest. It doesn’t stop being nonsense, but I could not avoid to remember the meme at the discovery of this invention that they have created some germans crazy. It is a box of beer motorized, created with the purpose of having fun, and maybe without thinking too much about the security. It seems the invention that breaking both legs. And tremendous fun.

The motor may be derived from a little motorcycle or garden equipment with a motor.

In the interior of a box of beer have installed a small motor – take a look at as they start it – possibly from a mower or a small motorcycle. Passes its power directly to the soil, unknown – but possibly with a small wheel – and has a small handlebar with a throttle. In terms of the braking… you have to use your feet. This is why I said that is the invention ideal for broken legs, does not seem the most safe or effective braking.

And believe me, it’s an invention fast. In the video, the pilot can barely sit on the box, which is tremendously fast. We do not know top speed, but any speed over 20 km/h on a box of beer seems terrifying. Dadle al play, I know what you look forward to.

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