A bumblebee angry: so it sounds a Mazda 3 MPS with a rotary engine and 650 HP [video]

In full fever of the rotary engine – Mazda has just presented a new prototype of a coupe with rotary engine called RX Vision Concept – we should forget about the popularity of the rotary engine in preparations and competition vehicles. In the car that concerns us in these moments, we speak of an engine to two rotors turbo up to 650 HP. Located in the bowels of a Mazda 3 MPS prepared for promotion, is a ticking bomb that you have to see dance in a curve.

Have built a racing car from a Mazda 3 MPS rugged

This Mazda 3 MPS is the dream of several francs – called MPS Rotary Team – who have built a competition car from a Mazda 3 MPS rugged. Of the original car, there are only some parts of the chassis, since its structure is now tubular and has a body of plexiglas, not steel. The lightness is a priority, and therefore the interior of the car is completely empty, only has in its interior with a cockpit very focused and spartan.

Under the hood is where the magic, a engine to two rotors with turbocharging, prepared to develop nothing less than 650 HP. All of your power goes to the rear axle – not the front, it has built a new chassis for this beast – using-a-box sequential six relationships. An aerodynamic kit of infarction, which does not desentonaría in a race at the DTM, puts the icing on the cake end to a pack of infarction.

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