A camera Usain Bolt runs over and reminds us of the dangers of such vehicles Segway (video)

Although the type Segway vehicles are among us for many years (the original Segway was introduced in 2001), their use in the streets of our cities is, at best, discreet. The Segway is used mainly by security services, or even sightseeing. Speaking of which, does little friends asked me the following: is not dangerous to anyone gets on a Segway Is it?. And the proof is evident in the story of the day, in which a camera World Athletics Beijing inadvertently hit the great Usain Bolt, while celebrating his gold medal in the 200 meters.

The House of World Athletics Beijing lost his balance while using a one-person vehicle type Segway, following the conclusion of Bolt, with all its recording equipment in tow.

Using a Segway for a layman is not necessarily easy nor intuitive . We are accustomed to using vehicles running stepping on the accelerator, pressing a trigger, or giving pedals. The Segway sole transport systems such as the incident in Beijing, which is not exactly a model of Segway, but the name of this brand has been established almost as a standard when it comes to talking about these vehicles (like bread Bimbo, or Donut), are based on the balancing of the user. So this, with the movement of his body, goes where moves and speed.

If the user is in your hands busy, distracted, or even carrying a TV camera and all the film crew following an athlete, as in this case, any oversight could cause an accident . That is the reason why many cities have restrictions on the use of these single-person vehicles and issue permits for use by agencies of sightseeing.

The Volkswagen Golf of the “Segway” and the best complement of your car

seems like everything was a shock ( USA Today). Usain Bolt took it well, after all was celebrating a gold medal. The athlete did not suffer any injury, and the camera also suffered serious injuries, although I imagine that you will remember all your life how nearly smashing the fastest legs in the world .

As is drawing the picture of European cities, it is likely that in future transport center in many cities are limited to electric bicycles and Segway-type vehicles. Perhaps by then the authorities, putting limits on the use of these devices; and manufacturers improving their performance; prevent abuses such as suffered by Usain Bolt.

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The Volkswagen Golf of the “Segway” and the best complement of your car

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