A car accident victim warns that your driver is given to the leak in Florida


The great technological leap who are offering the latest models of cars is not only useful to make the driving more safe, or the experience behind the wheel more comfortable, but even the can involve the driver in an accident.

At the beginning of this week occurred a loss on one of the highways of the state of Florida in the united States. A car hit another from behind and the driver fled. Due to the stroke, the occupant of the other vehicle had to be rushed to the hospital.

While he was taking a statement from the victim, a automatic call to 911 reported the accident. The emergency system of the vehicle that collided was activated, and through the mobile synchronized way bluetooth with the vehicle of the driver was instructed to snitch on their ocupantand.


The emergency systems in cars will be mandatory in 2018

After being interrogated the woman given to the escape and deny all the time have something to do with the accident at the end had no choice but to confess his guilt before the trial so obvious that its vehicle had been in charge of send.

The emergency system of the vehicle is the 911 Assist, built in some models of Ford from the year 2010. The system is responsible to notify 911 automatically when activated the airbags of the vehicle.