A car from the NASCAR to the streets: the muscle car final could only come from the U.S.

the U.S. is a great nation. The same country that has organized multimillion-dollar lawsuits for the case of the TDI fixing of the Volkswagen Group allows register and insure a car of the NASCAR, and to drive with him by the streets. Just solder grossly several body panels of a Chevrolet Monte carlo from the 70’s and have a number of frame valid. Truly amazing is what you have done, the guys from MotorTrend. If there is a video that you must see now, that is this.

ITV americans are a real joke. While the car will not fall to pieces, there is no problem.

The car starting is a Chevrolet Monte carlo in the form of a fiberglass body. Under this body there is a car the NASCAR, with a tubular chassis and a powerful engine 5.7 V8 power indeterminate. The car had been used in series amateur NASCAR, not oval like Indianapolis. Thanks to this, the car has a setup usable on the road, and in fact turns on both sides, not just the left. After updating its mechanical – the car took four years standing – was the time of diy.

A Chevrolet Monte carlo 1970 – or, rather, what was left of his body – it was the donor of several panels. After cutting a few bars of protection structures and car racing, and hours of welding craft, the result is a race car for the street, without a windscreen and fitted with slicks. Legally he could circulate on the roads of California. I speak in the past tense because something happened when the guys from Roadkill what they were testing. Be that as it may, it is a video that you can’t lose today.

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