A career that you will never forget: Erika Simone, the taxi driver drag queen of Los Angeles

Erika Simone – whose real name is Erik Koral – is a drag queen that makes a mockery of traditional notions of gender identity by dressing as a woman. The difference is that Erika is a taxi driver, which usually works with Uber and Lyft, two of the taxi services are more usual in the united States. The difference with a taxi regulated is that Erik transports its customers to dress as a woman. And do you know what? The key to your excellent reviews it makes their careers in memorable, making people to have fun.

The profile of Uber Erika Simone shows the picture of Eric, a type of what more conventional.

Imagine that you are waiting for the taxi, and suddenly you lower the car a man dressed in a skimpy top and mini-skirt, inviting you to seriously up your vehicle. Erika Simone is a conductive authorised and official of Uber, with more than over 1,600 races in his be during the past two years. In the back seat of your car has wigs, glasses colors, necklaces, and all kinds of accessories, to the jubilation of their customers. In addition, our clients can choose the music that sounds in the sound equipment of the car.

driving-drag-2The Toyota Prius Erika Simone has written on his rear window “Driving is a drag”, and is already famous in the Los Angeles area. Has up official page on Facebook. Clients enjoy to take selfies, and the atmosphere is very relaxed during the races. To the point that many have invited Erika to dinner at their houses or parties. Contrary to what you may think, only one passenger refused to race the appearance of Erika, and did so politely. What would you do if your taxi driver to be this drag queen?

how Could something like this happen in Spain? It is a business model that is certainly peculiar.

Source: Forbes
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