A championship of Formula 1 is well worth a special edition of the Mercedes A 45 AMG

Mercedes has risen this year with the title of constructors in Formula 1, while its two pilots, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, occupy the first and second place respectively in the rankings. Victoria well deserves a tribute in the form of a special edition, and to do so, to congratulate the third championship of Hamilton, the triumph of the team and the good results of Rosberg, Mercedes-AMG has given way to a seasoned Mercedes 45 AMG.

Mercedes (A 45 AMG “normal” has a starting price in Spain of 56.975 euros.

This special edition, which comes with the long name Mercedes (A 45 AMG Petronas 2015 World Champion Edition, makes clear its condition as a special edition in a quick look at the show off a series of stripes with the green touch of Petronas.

To play with the body, which is only available in silver or two shades of grey different, we find a 19-inch alloy wheels you also receive a green touch.

The front splitter, the canards to the side and the rear spoiler undress your silhouette while in its interior we find ourselves with the seats are more sport of the catalog duly seasoned with an insertion in the green Petronas of rigor. A green that is also present in the aerators or in the steering wheel AMG Performance.


if the green touch was not enough, there will be a commemorative plaque in its interior.

beyond these additives aerodynamic optional, touch AMG Performance of its interior and the extra green, we found ourselves with an unchanged mechanical 4-cylinder and 2-liter of cubicaje that, boost by, you get a power of 381 horses and a couple 475 Nm.

all-wheel drive, automatic change of double clutch and the ability to dial a 0 to 100 km/h in just over 4 seconds, but… how much is this special edition? We’ll have to wait to see if it sells or not in Spain but for now we know in Germany has a starting price of 66.818 euros.


Gallery of images of the Mercedes (A 45 AMG Petronas 2015 World Champion Edition: