A charger for electric cars cheap: the AeroVironment TurboDX

little by Little the electric cars are becoming a better option of purchase. But this not only goes for the production of models more accessible, as the Model 3, or by increasing their autonomy and speed of loading of these cars. Also in need of a loading system accessible and easily installable in any part, such as, for example, the house of the owner. This is what has gotten the company AeroVironment with its charger for electric cars TurboDX.

Currently, there are chargers similar, as are the Tesla, the us company is responsible for installing in the home of their clients. But the advantage of the chargers TurboDX is that, while the Tesla cost $ 1,000 (about 850 euros), these only cost 469 dollars (390 euros). A breakthrough to achieve a charging system at home for cheap, to solve the problems of the extreme slowness of the plugs normal household.

on sale in Europe, the united States and China

fast chargers TurboDX have been presented at the CES in Las Vegas, in the united States, but this does not mean that we do not go to see them here. AeroVironment has achieved the certifications necessary for sell both in the United State, as well as in Europe and China. In addition, it takes time selling them to companies and will be available for private individuals in the Amazon at the end of march.

According to the company’s officers, charger, Turbo DX is easy to install and configure according to the needs of the client. It is used for the charging needs of a company as a single-family dwelling or a community of neighbors. It will be available in versions of 16 and 32 amps and with cables of 5 meters or 8 meters and for the moment take the connector type J1772 level 2.

How is the charger for electric cars Turbo DX

charger for electric cars fast Turbo DX is also equipped with such features as the access control via Bluetooth, so that it can be activated through a mobile phone. If what is needed is to load several cars at the same time, you can also opt for a installation double, triple or quadruple, although this will increase the price of the charger.

at CES In Las Vegas we have also seen other news related to electric cars very interesting. These include the Byton Concept SUV, which is the result of the work of a chinese company headed by the former chief of electric cars of BMW, the long-awaited Fisker Emotion revealed to the full that you already know some of its impressive capabilities, or car nearby and accessible as is the Kia Niro 100% electric.

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