A child of luxury: this Volkswagen Jetta of “All Gas” can be yours

“A todo Gas” it was released for many more years than it seems – in 2001 – but the drip-drop of auction of vehicles protagonists not likely to remit. Recently auctioned off the legendary Toyota Supra orange Paul Walker, and on this occasion, is set to auction a child of luxury. The Volkswagen Jetta white Jessee, one of the members of the band of Dom Toretto. A car whose intervention in the movie is secondary, even starring in a battle of acceleration of the most interesting.

Your driver, Jessee, lost it in a battle against the Honda S2000 Johnny Tran, the bad guy of the film.

But a car is recognizable and as iconic. And it could be yours, as Barrett-Jackson will auction in Scottsdale 2016, in just a few weeks. This car has had several doubles for action scenes – like the Supra from Paul Walker – but this unit is the so-called “show car”. That is to say, the unit used in static scenes, or scenes in which the car can be see in detail. In its origins, was a simple Volkswagen Jetta A3 from the year 1995, amended by the producer of the film.

Is a specimen very representative of the world of the tuning of the time, without a doubt. A body kit made by Wings West – with its huge spoiler – and a few features rims Konig Tantrum 19 ” were their more recognizable elements, as well as masks for your optics front and the huge blue vinyl located on the side. Many set up car-like in those mythical Need for Speed Underground, which they capitalized greatly on the success of this film.

The owner and seller of the car is Frankie Muniz, the actor who did Malcolm in the series of the same name.

a Multitude of stickers of parts manufacturers of aftermarket adorn the car, another of the trends of the time. Under the hood there are no surprises. The engine of 2.0 liters and 115 HP of this car appears modified, but the notice published by Barrett-Jackson does not give details about the modifications. Being a showcar, it could be simply cosmetic. A detail also curious is that this Jetta carries an automatic gearbox of four relations. The action cars were manuals in the film.

we don’t have pictures of the inside, but you can guess a few bacquéts Recaro and a roll cage color red. The ad says that the car boasts a team of high-end audio and a built-in screen connected to a PlayStation 2. Ideal for play mythical games of the era, as well as the aforementioned Need for Speed Underground. It is backwards compatible with the original PlayStation, so the catalog playable is vast. What is a lure for sale? Of course, yes. In addition, is signed by… oh Paul Walker!

is Also signed by Rob Cohen – the director of the film – and J. Lindberg, the actor who was Jessee in “All Gas”. It is, in short a piece tremendously nostalgic which surely will end up in the hands of some collector. It seems incredible that have passed almost 15 years after the premiere of “All Gas”. Completes the article with a clip of “All Gas”, in which Jessee competes against the Honda S2000 Johnny, losing the race. A trip back in time, without a doubt.

Source: Jalopnik
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