A child seat alligator and reinforced? Only in Russia …

Yes friends, everything is different in Russia. Communism in the country market – or that was China? – The excess is king. It is the birthplace of manufacturers like Dartz , surprising friends and strangers with business proposals … different. First was a coated leather seat whale penis, then it was a gold-leaf covered terrain, and is now a child seat armored . Armored alligator lined and equipped with an infotainment system. Dartz has not changed at all.

started well: his name is “l’Enfante Terrible”.

Their marketing department has the record straight. “We do not understand why a car that cost more than 100,000 € can be mounted child seats that cost less than 500 €”. So without thinking twice, have manufactured a high chair that fit so well in a Dratz Prombon like a Mercedes G 65 AMG . Dartz has built this chair with a structure of Kevlar, able to protect from fire heavy weapons. Imagine that the target are Russian gangsters and dictators with children.

Part of its structure is made of carbon fiber, for no apparent reason. Not that optimize the power to weight ratio of a shielded S-Class is a priority. The seat is covered with genuine alligator , which has been dipped in gold and red. Where there is no Italian crocodile leather hand-stitched to form diamond-shaped patterns. But no insertions in gold or silver, may think to launch an improved model next year. An engraving of l’Enfante Terrible adorns the headrest.

imagine that the target are Russian gangsters and dictators with children.

The thing does not end here. The seat equipped with functions similar to those of high-end cars massage. These massage functions operate through a power of 12 volts. In addition to these massage functions, its setting is electric – as the seats of a premium car – and has separate sound equipment . Yes, through an auxiliary input and speakers mounted on the back, the favorite son of the dictator can listen to music from any audio source.

The price is unknown. But I’m not surprised it cost more than 50,000 euros. Definitely, some things only happen in Russia …

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Source: GTSpirit
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