A complete renovation to the Kia Rio, a new mule of the establishment of the B-segment

One of the great novelties of the Paris Salon – that starts on the 29th of September in the capital of France – will be the new Kia Rio. The Kia Rio is the subcompact B-segment of the hyundai brand, and is the fourth generation in which we discover, in its first official images. For the moment, we know that grows by 15 mm with respect to its predecessor, with a size of 4.06 meters. In addition to growing, is loaded with technology and with an image more in line with the current canons of the brand. Yes, the generational change already played.

Your battle has grown by 10 mm with respect to its previous generation, improving the space on board.

Kia Rio was released in 2011 and received a facelift in 2015, but what is certain is that he had been left behind with respect to its rivals. Aesthetically got old fast, and even if your winning card was a blow out price and a good interior space, it was only a matter of time that koreans what renewed themselves to the full. Aesthetically stands out for its greater length, and by a more aggressive, thanks among other things to a height of only 1,45 m. The classic front grille of Kia is still in place, close and angular.

kia-rio-2017-imagenes-2Its front look has been graced with LEDs daytime in the form of U, while its lag behind also received some lovely LEDS, similar to other models of the brand. In the official images provided by brand, the car sports a beautiful red paint and probably some tires for about 17 inches. This image stable and powerful – literal words of the press release – also contributes to a inside completely renovated. An interior that was one of the clear weak points of the current generation.

Kia has not yet spoken of engines, but we expect the introduction of new propellants gasoline, 1.0 turbo three-cylinder.

The steering wheel and the controls remind us of the past releases of the hyundai brand, and your dashboard stands out for its beautiful design. The protagonist is a touch screen of at least 6.5 inches, with a man-machine interface that I would share with cars like the Kia Sportage. Their instrumentation is conventional and when it is launched, customers will be able to choose a “Network Pack”, which will combine with artificial leather of black and red colors. Accents metallic finish and glossy plastic black will contribute to a modern image.

kia-rio-2017-imagenes-4The ergonomics will be improved with respect to its predecessor. What Kia has not released garment is its range of engines. We understand that the diesel 1.4 CRDi 90 HP and the 1.7 CRDi 115 HP will be in any way present, while the new engines – the 1.0 turbo three-cylinder that have already been released in the Kia cee’d – will be the backbone of the range petrol. In a few days we will know a lot more data of this fantastic Korean in the segment B, to which the Renault Clio, Peugeot 208 and Ford Fiesta should pay a lot of attention.