A conflict of Volkswagen with two providers affect six factories

Volkswagen Wolfsburgo

The Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg is one of the main plants affected.

through a bare-bones release, and has notified Volkswagen to the media this serious problem that already affects thousands of jobs and numerous factories of the German group. The worse omens were confirmed and finally the conflict in which they found Volkswagen with two of its suppliers has affected the production of some of its flagship models and sold.

And, Volkswagen has announced a series of stops with which to counter the problems caused with these two providers. A dispute, as he quoted the headline of the article, it affects six of its factories. Thousands of workers affected, approximately 28.000, suffer first-hand these stops that Volkswagen has been announced for six of its factories. But, what provides these two suppliers to the German firm? By one hand we have the seats used by the Volkswagen Golf, while on the other, we speak of different pieces of steel for the production of transmissions and engines.

The conflict that, at the moment it seems far from resolved, it seems to get worse by the moment. Providers that have led to Volkswagen at the end of set stops in six of its factories are CarTrim and IS Automobilguss.

Volkswagen Navarra

The Volkswagen factory in Navarra has not been affected by this problem.

The factories of Volkswagen affected by the stops

  • Emden (August 18-24): Place of production of the Volkswagen Passat and in which there is affected about 7,500 workers.
  • Wolfsburg (22-27 August): Here is manufactured the Volkswagen Golf and there are around 10,000 workers.
  • Zwickau (22-26 August): Production of the Volkswagen Passat and Golf with close to 6,000 employees affected.
  • Kassel (25-29 August): In this factory producing transmissions and exhaust systems with approximately 1,500 employees.
  • Salzgitter (24-30 August): Production of engines. There are about 1,400 workers affected by the stops.
  • Braunschweig (22-29 August): In the plant of Braunschwig are made of different plastic parts and chassis components. Are 1,300 employees affected.

as we can see in the above list, we find some of the factories most important of Volkswagen and which produce models such as the Volkswagen Passat or the Volkswagen Golf, among others.

Producción de Volkswagen en Wolfsburg

Production of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg.

From Volkswagen regrets that the occurrence of these stops despite the fact that the court of Braunschweig has given a reason, and has required providers to return the sourcing of the parts. For their part, the providers mentioned above require Volkswagen to a compensation of 500 million euros, the German group broke unilaterally the contract of supply that would have to start next year 2017.