A Corvette 1964 stolen appears in perfect condition 40 years later


Corvette C2 1964 coupe. Image file.

From the united States we again reach one of those curious stories of models stolen that are recovered decades later. On this occasion, a Corvette C2 1964 was abducted in 1976 in a California population, copy that never got to recover, but now, just 40 years later, it re-appears. And best of all, the sporty classic is in perfect condition.

This has all the ingredients to be a great story, with a happy ending included, if not outside because it really is not.

When appear this kind of anecdotes, automatically imagine a landlord happy and surprised after to recover his lost treasure from the hands of the police, which induces to think, basically, that the good has triumphed over evil. However, as in this, on many occasions this does not happen.

The brand new C2 64 white color of the images has not been recovered from the hands of the thieves or their accomplices, but which up to now had been the proud owner of the Corvette from almost 20 years ago.
This is the second innocent victim of the stolen original, and that by standard
general, tend not to be taken into consideration in these events.


The original owner in the encounter with your vehicle.

The vehicle has managed to be recovered thanks to a person with knowledge in the encoding of the numbers of frame of the Corvette, during an event, identified the chassis number as belonging to an Impala 1964. After this, they proceeded to check the rest of the serial numbers of the mechanical elements of the model, and finally managed to identify it as the Corvette stolen in 1976 in ‘Annaheim’, California.

once they got in touch with the authorities and the vehicle was verified, proceeded to give it to its rightful owner. A woman apellidaba Fleming.

Currently, which until recently was the owner of the Corvette has been left without a vehicle and what is worse, without being able to claim anyone,
as this had been bought by his wife in 1987 as a gift for
her husband, in an establishment that today is closed. So
that try to trace the path of the Corvette since that was stolen is going to
be tremendously complex.

Unfortunately, this often happens on many occasions. Years later
of having been stolen, the vehicles already in the hands of others
owners and in some cases, concessionaires, which have been deceived by systems such as false documentation or numbers of frame modified.
It is also normal to recover them even in other countries. In such cases,
as a general rule, no claim is possible on the part of the


The now famous Corvette disappeared.

The images of the model does not allow us to clearly see the complete state of the model, it looks good to the naked eye, so that its current value can be between us $ 28,000 of a copy in acceptable condition and the 65.000 of a unit in a state of competition.

These values are applicable to a copy of body coupe in its variant most basic, equipped with the option V8 327, 5.4-liter and one 250-hp. There is No information about the specific version or the exact configuration of the specimen, so that it is impossible to be more specific.

The range of the 1964 Corvette was composed of two bodies, coupe and convertible. And the mechanics available were four, all of them block V8 of 5.4 liters, powers between 250 and 375 horses.

In the case of being a copy of the previous model, model year 1963, the current price would have been radically different. Since these specimens had the rear window split into 2 parts, which gives them the nickname “Split Window”. These currently have a value, also in its variant most basic between 48.800 and the 124,000 dólares.


Corvette C2 1963 ‘Split Window’.

For this reason, the units of 1963, the first model of the second generation of the Corvette are so appreciated and so valuable. In the case of the issue that occupies us, this matters little, because if someone has managed to recover its classic, simultaneously, another has had to lose, and also after passing the surely embarrassing situation of discovering, in public, that her beloved car was stolen. And without being able to demand anything of anyone, or even to your insurance company.