A Corvette Z06 becomes to achieve the record of electric vehicle faster in the world


the appearance of The Genovation GXE is identical to the Corvette Z06’s standard.

The team of Genovation Cars has returned to beat the speed record for electric vehicles, breaking the previous mark, set by themselves just a few months, making to achieve the 330.8 km/h, a 205,6 miles per hour, with its unique Corvette electric in the test tracks of the Kennedy Space Center.

The american company has become put to test the electric version of the Chevrolet Corvette Z06-generation C6, which after suitable transformation to electric vehicles have so-called Genovation GXE. Which is only a prototype test to demonstrate the capability of their technology, and that by the time it will not be reflected in a road version of the Corvette, according to the statements of the american firm.

despite this, the Corvette Genovation GXE does not cease to be a model fully functional. Even has an autonomy of about 209 kilometres, thanks to the same batteries that have been mounted on the speed tests.


The Corvette Genovation GXE improves even the performance of the C6 Z06.

The previous record was set to 300 km/h fair, in February of the same year, so that we did not expect that this small company back to search for a new brand with its silent Corvette. This is equipped with two electric motors powered by a battery of 44 kWh, with a power output of around 600 horsepower and 637 Nm of maximum torque. So not only is it faster, is also more powerful than the original version of the Corvette C6 Z06, that he had to be content with a V8 LS7 7.0-liter delivering about 511 HP and had a top speed official of about 318 km/h.

By the time the record will continue to be the Corvette Genovation GXE, at least until you can verify the maximum speed of the Rimac Concept One, the sporty electric manufacturer’s Croatian, which announces a maximum speed of slightly more than 350 km/h. Although this sports, recently presented in their final form at the last Geneva motor show 2016, is also announcing a power brutally superior to the Corvette prepared by Genovation Cars.

The marina Rimac have four engines with a total power of close to 1,100 HP, which allows you to sweep in acceleration to virtually all supercars today of combustion, since it reaches 100 km away from zero in only 2.6 seconds.