A curve is nothing more than a smile very long


What says even Jeremy Clarkson. Give emotions to the people and the people will return his interest. The world market for attention is huge, is full of stimuli and the Formula 1 you need to recover ground in the face of an obvious saturation of supply exogenous. Only a decade ago, the tvs were snacks in the calf by offering the races, but today the business of television has its own war and fight for an audience atomized, fragmented, internetizada, and in a clear decline since the young people just see the tv. There is a need to offer excitement and risk, and this can happen again, just where in roman times acaecían overtaking and accidents, how exciting: in the curves.

“it Is in the curves of larger radius where we will find the gift of 2017

The gift we is going to do the architecture. Each time the regulatory has designed a car that ultimately has offered a kind of career, and in 2017 it’s up the quota of protagonism to the curves. Once built a circuit tends to change very little, almost nothing; if you change are the cars, and different car, different races. If the place to unleash the cavalry are straight lines, closed curves are the realm of the mechanical grip and traction, is in the curves of larger radius where we will find the gift of 2017 thanks to the new regulations with a 30% downforce extra… to the beginning of the season. This is the rough estimate to have the engineers of the aerodynamics of the teams, but they know that as the year progresses go more, so if you ran two times on the same track at the start of the season and at the end, we would see behaviors very different, especially in the first season with this type of car (In later years, with some regulations related the changes will be less drastic).

To lower downforce less speed in this type of area, but with such a spectacular increase of the grip aerodynamic, you’re going to have the pilots we’re going to see new things. The first are those necks type Dave Bautista, the forzudo that of the movies that has a face bestiajo able to knock you out of a pestañazo. But from the point of view of the races opens up the possibility of the grip that Red Bull even a speed increase of up to 40 kilometres per hour in many curves, we can see in most occasions one of the best overtaking moves of the century: Alonso to Schumacher in Suzuka 2005. Twelve years ago there were three reasons to see what we saw all of: wheels, downforce and cockiness.

Some observers remarked that one of the reasons of that pass through the outer 310 kilometers per hour could be attributed to the sticky about Michelin the German did not possess, and the other is that the regulations for aerodynamic then added more pressure against the asphalt, something that changed shortly after that —in 2009— and the load was much reduced or met in other ways. This 2017 arrive tires between 20 and 25% wider, and almost a third extra grip aerodynamic, so that it is easy to think that give the technical terms for which that scene of 2005 is even surpassed. We only lack the third ingredient.

“Blessed cockiness: to be World Champion you need to have a dozen of requirements, and that is one”

Fernando Alonso is not needed to perform that maneuver. Had just been proclaimed World Champion two weeks earlier in Brazil and not playing anything, so that did it for cockiness. Blessed cockiness. To be World Champion you need to have a dozen of requirements, and one of them is that “I’ll pass your by my coes”, and ALO had at the time. Fangio, Michael, Senna, Prost, and all the great have had, and without it, it is rare that you have a crown. This year is going to be easier to discern who has a wood champion and who is not. In straight you’re going to depend on your engine, in a closed curve of your chassis and suspensions, but a friend… in a wide curve, in the Parables of Monza, in the above-mentioned 130R of Suzuka, in Pouhon and Blanchimont at Spa, the 3 of Sochi, the same and Campsa in Montmeló, or some of the Silverstone and Austin are going to be the ones that decide who is going to be the king of this year.

The phrase that gives title to this article is a advertisement of Audi, so the merit is of your advertisers. But thanking those who gave birth, few times we will be able to smile more this year when Formula 1 goes through one of these curves as if you were driving the very Satan. The more endiablado, the more teeth you will be able to see. This year, do yourself a whitening.

PD: The actor Dave Bautista not only almost gives chase to James Bond in “Spectre” on board of a Jaguar that just entered but coprotagonizará the movie “Blade Runner 2049”, tape that was released on Friday 6 October 2017. On the same day and almost at the same time we will know if the step by 130R of the F1 this year is that with which we dream amateurs… is the day of the workouts free of the Grand Prix of Japan.