A driving instructor dedicated to insulting seriously to its student

¿I remember the movie of Michael Douglas, Days of rage? Since we are in the Spanish version, highly diluted and with a kind of driving. This unbalanced driving instructor is dedicated to insulting seriously to one of his students in full class. A shame that we hope not to see again.

No one is born knowing, the saying. Driving is simple, but sometimes the one who instructs plays a decisive role in the process of learning is done in the best way possible. Insult has no place in that step, while the patience yes. Little or no it was the instructor who decided to throw down the verbal violence.

The video exposes us to a situation more uncomfortable, even though it was out of the car. The kid makes a mistake, or oversight, nothing insurmountable, and that with practice it is fixed, but with insults, the only thing that increases is the frustration and the nervousness. We don’t know how he ended up the situation, but we recommend to this guy that well is to change driving school, teacher, or good report, because it is inadmissible.

The level of the insults is on the rise, and although the student asks you to stop never insult, the teacher continues with his expletives. What not seen in any moment are the advice that the teacher should provide the student. This man, in addition to being fired, you should think whether their teaching methods are correct. We give you a hint: they are not.


Changing the environment of the article. Sure that all of you have anecdotes to deliver the licence, how we count?