A Ferrari 288 GTO sold for 1.8 million € in Monaco

This weekend took place in Monaco one of the dates listed in the schedule of major auctions of the year. In which we have been able to attend to large sales of the most reputable auction houses, as is the case of Bonhams.

In your event ‘Les Grandes Marques á Monaco’ gave output to numerous icons of the engine, as the Benetton B191B with which Michael Schumacher achieved his first podium in Formula 1 at the GP of Mexico, 1992. Appointment in addition, among many other classics and supercars we could find a magnificent and rare copy of the first Ferrari street equipped with a supercharged engine, the 288 GTO.

Were only 272 units

Considered by many to be the first supercar of the modern era, the Ferrari 288 GTO is without any doubt one of the forgotten figures within this particular niche market. Vehicles of extraordinary performance and potential, manufactured in a strict limited edition that outweighed a lot of the sporting peers available.

In recent times the value of the Ferrari 288 GTO has skyrocketed, which has caused that in the last 3 years have begun to appear little by little copies of this rare and collectable model in the most elite auctions.


Profile of the Ferrari 288 GTO

The copy sold this week-end could not reach the highest value paid to date for a 288 GTO, but it had a feature quite uncommon, since he belonged to the same owner since it was delivered to Maranello in 1985.

Belonging to a british entrepreneur, who has not ceased to use it in all these years, the 288 GTO with frame number ZFFPA16B 0000 55171 and plates british C908 CRU, has the options of electric windows and air conditioning.

Both the bodywork and the interior shows the colors that can be found in the vast majority of the 272 specimens that were manufactured in the model, 72 more than initially forecast. Because 200 was the minimum number required by the FIA for the homologation of the model in Group B.


Plate rack model auctioned

With a state of exquisite and all the accessories intact, thanks to the diligent maintenance that has been subjected to these years, the 288 GTO number 55171 received the Certificate Ferrrari Clasiche in 2015, so you had all the guarantees in order to achieve the extraordinary price achieved in Monaco, 1.817.000 euros, including taxes.

Drawn by Leonardo Fioravanti of Pininfarina, also responsible for models such as the 365 GTB/4 ‘Daytona’ or the 308 GTB on which it is based the 288 GTO.

In fact, the same Fioravanti stated years later that the original order of Enzo Ferrari only included the instructions to develop a model based on the 308 GTB that could be used in races, no more.


Rear of the 288 GTO

this idea of a profound development that includes a completely new and elongated tubular frame, reinforced with Kevlar and Nomex in some areas, a V8 engine of 2.9 liters, supercharged by two turbochargers IHI and arranged longitudinally in place of transversely, and finally, a spectacular body that although it was based on the basic design of the 308 GTB, it was tremendously wide and muscular in comparison with the little 308 GTB Quattrovalvole of 240 HP, the 288 GTO is simply doubled in power.

The rarity of these specimens is simple to define. If the Ferrari F40 is manufactured according to the source consulted, about 1.315 units and the F50, Enzo Ferrari and LaFerrari in total, 349, 400, and 499 copies, respectively, of the mere 272 units of the 288 GTO makes it the most rare and unique of all the Ferrari supercars of the modern era. Excluding, of course, to the versions one-off.