A Ferrari F40 is engulfed in flames after being completely restored


The front area was less affected.

Appeared on the network, images taken in a desg√ľace of Great Britain show us the final state in which it was a Ferrari F40 after that should be their the first driving test, after having been the object of a complete restoration. For reasons unknown at the moment, the iconic Ferrari was engulfed in flames, affecting practically the whole of the vehicle.

By what little I know, the event occurred recently and has been revealed by the page of Facebook Supercar Advocates, a uk company dedicated to restoring vintage sports.

despite the lack of details, a quick look at the images reveals to us certain clues of what could have happened. So it is appreciated, except the front hood, missing all body panels, including roof, pillars and doors. Leaving the nude the tubular frame of the F40, an image rarely seen. This allows us to see how the fire spread in all directions, and given that the area least affected is the front, it seems that it was in the rear where you started the flames.


Rarely we can see the tubular frame of the F40 to the naked.

As can be seen in the front hood or the position of the exhausts and brackets for the rear hood, it seems not to have suffered any type of accident, so that the fire in theory was not the work of a blow. We can sobreentender that no one burned it consciously, so that we assume that the incident was spontaneous and started in the rear area.

The most likely cause may be some fuel pipe defective or old, that has caused a spill of gasoline, with the logical and obvious consequences. Although we also cannot rule out other possible causes, such as the fragile fuel tanks riding the F40 and that must be replaced every certain number of years regardless of the use that we give to the vehicle.

This is not the first time in recent times that we see a supercar collection to burn just a short time after leaving a repair. In 2013, a Lamborghini Miura SV was turned into a ball of fire on a street in London, immediately after you have left a review in the workshop. The owner of the Miura, the billionaire and collector John Hunt, he demanded shortly after the workshop in london, H. R. Owen for nothing less than $ 1.1 million.