A Fiat 126p restored back to Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks will receive a Fiat 126p fully restored and customized by the team of Carlex Design. The initiative came about thanks to Monika Jaskólska, after observing the photographs published by the american actor on his Twitter account.

Lrelationship between the actor Tom Hanks and the Fiat 126 Polish was born after Hanks put on your profile official Twitter some photos of himself posing next to a small model of the Italian firm. This caught the attention of his fans and incredibly now the american actor will receive a 126 fully restored and custom gift.

This has been possible thanks to a project promoted by Monika Jaskólska, who managed to raise money to carry out this action, which eventually ended up involving at Carlex Design, who got to work on your talents to achieve a Fiat 126 completely customized for the actor.

it Is known that Hanks is a collector of typewriters, for which the guys from Carlex added switches that resemble those that can be found in an old typewriter. The rest of the car was updated with quality materials, with upholstery in leather and a logo that identifies with the inscription “Bielsko-Biala for Tom Hanks” “One of One”.

The actor will receive the car in the united States thank you a LOT, the national airline Polish that offered to transport it free of charge. Without a doubt, an excellent marketing action.

Classic: Fiat 126