A first image of the new Ford Bronco anticipates your silhouette

The new generation of the Ford Bronco to debut in 2020, and the u.s. firm already shows the format that will have your body, traditional look and lines well angular.

Lu.s. firm has prepared several new features for the next few months, although without a doubt, one of the most anticipated is the new generation of the Ford Bronco, the suv that will return to the life of this famous appellation of the mark of the oval.

With this reason, Ford has unveiled a first official image of the new Bronco, that by the time does not allow to appreciate even a single millimeter of the body, as the new Bronco is covered completely by a cloth.

however, this picture allows you to appreciate what will be your silhouette, leaving it clear that we are dealing with a vehicle that will not use the design soft and curvilinear, of the current models, but, on the contrary, it shall adopt a format of lines either straight, with a body that will evoke the original model, even with lspare wheel mounted on the outside of the body.

Looking at the format of the body, of aspect angle, with a windshield of format vertical and its wheel arches well marked, in a certain way it reminds us of the style of the Jeep Wrangler, a model that also uses the format curvilinear of the current suv.

time this first official image is the only information that Ford has provided about the new Ford Bronco, a model intended for to arrive at the market in 2020.

To two years of their arrival to the dealers, the new Ford Bronco awaits still for a long period of development and probably for the next few months we will be able to know way more accurate to your body, when the legendary off-road to make his first appearance before the public under the format of a prototype.

anyway will have to be forgetting a possible three-door body for the new Ford Bronco, as the manufacturer has confirmed on several occasions that the body of three access points is not within the plans of the company.