A first look at the new Ford F-150 2017, an imminent facelift

Ford F-150 2017 - foto espía

Hunted for the first time the upcoming “facelift” of the Ford F-150.

Since the seventh generation of the Ford F-150 was presented at the Detroit Auto show of the year 2014, the known pick-up Ford has not received any tuning. Although, this will change, and very soon. And is that our photographers have managed to catch the other side “of the big puddle,” the upcoming “facelift” (washing of face) in which the trademark blue oval is working.

here they are the first spy photos of the new Ford F-150 2017 and that have been taken on the test track of Ford in Deadborn, in the State of Michigan (united States). A major update to keep up with an image more fresh and modern. To do this, Ford will introduce a whole series of details and new developments on an aesthetic level.

If we take a look at the spy pictures, it is sufficient to find camouflage to know the areas in which there will be new aesthetic. Of course, we talked about the front and in the behind. Both the front grille as the tailgate will be redesigned. It will take many details of the latest Ford Raptor and with that win in the presence and display a character stronger. However, there will be those unique developments.

Ford F-150 2017 - foto espía

The main aesthetic changes will reside in the front and behind the pick-up Ford.

And that is both the range of designs wheels, body colors and other customization options to good safe will be updated with interesting new developments to make it more attractive Ford F-150 at the time you set it up. And the same thing will happen with the equipment and the various technological systems available to the above-mentioned pick-up from Ford. The system of info-entertainment will be updated to the couple that introduced other innovations.

In terms of the section mechanic, we can also expect news. Our information point out that the main novelty will be the introduction of a review of the EcoBoost engine V6. It is also expected a diesel V6 as the arrival of the new automatic gearbox ten speeds that was jointly developed between Ford and General Motors.

¿When it will come to the market? Everything indicates that the new Ford F-150 2017 will be released at the end of this year, for shortly after entering the market. Remember that this pick-up is not available in Spain. If you are looking for a model of these characteristics in our market you will have to opt for the Ford Ranger. While it is not the same thing, as I would say the saying, “less gives a stone”.