A first look at the new Ford Fiesta 2017 three-door and interior

Ford Fiesta 2017 - foto espía lateral

this Is the first time that the new Ford Fiesta 2017 with three-door body is caught.

At the beginning of the month of June we take a first look at the new Ford Fiesta 2017. It will be the seventh generation of the popular model of Ford is called to be a turning point in its commercial history. And is that, the new Fiesta will move away from the image of a “cheap car” that has within the Ford range. With the latest releases that has made the american brand, will seek to differentiate the next Party of the current model.

Since cazásemos for the first time the new Ford Fiesta 2017 a little over a month and a half, we have managed to also take the glove to the ST variant during a testing session. However, to date, had not yet seen the new Ford Fiesta with the three-door body. These are the first spy photos of this variant that are available, and here you can see them.

The new Ford Fiesta 2017 three-door will, of course, with the same aesthetic changes that the body base. And although by the time the unit tests hunted has not lost a shred of camouflage, the fact remains that the grill will change its design while the headlights adopt a more narrow and elongated. At the rear, the changes will be even more apparent with a lag behind renewed thanks to the new rear lights, new tailgate and new bumper.

Ford Fiesta 2017 - foto espía interior

while it is the first time you photograph your interior, we can know some details.

Another great news that we bring to you in this new set of spy photos is that, for the first time, we have also been able to take a furtive look at his passenger compartment. And although the greater part of the areas is covered with fabrics, and different camouflage with which to push away those prying eyes, is more than enough to confirm the idea that we have kept up to date on Engine.it is, and that is that the interior will greatly improve your quality.

With the purpose of alienating the Ford Fiesta 2017 of the new Ford Ka+, the mark of the blue oval dramatically improve the finishes and materials used throughout the cabin, . And while there will be a hard plastic, its presence will be lower with respect to the generation outgoing. And not only did we find an improvement in the quality of the finishes, as Ford will improve the section of technology and equipment. As it is expected, will equip the system of info-entertainment Ford SYNC 3 that, among other functions, provides connectivity to Android and Apple.

Going to the (mechanic of the new Fiesta, the guys from Ford will opt for form a range of engines EcoBoost last generation with three and four cylinders that will deliver higher performance together with lower consumption. In Europe, the new Ford Fiesta will be available with both diesel and gasoline engines.

Ford Fiesta 2017 - foto espía posterior

The new Ford Fiesta will arrive at dealers sometime in the first half of next year.

¿When it will come to the
The new Ford Fiesta 2017 will be for sale in dealers
at some point in the first half of next year. Therefore, we can
expect a possible debut at the end of this year or early
of 2017.