A foretaste of the Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo


I have here a sneak preview of what Mercedes-Benz will display during this week, in the Hall of Tokyo. This is a prototype minivan, ready to be driven automatically (self-employed), luxurious and progressive, according to the manufacturer.

“It’s a vision of the next generations.”

Moving this to product pure and hard, there is the possibility that it has something to do with the future R-Class of Mercedes-Benz, whose current production model is only sold in China, and manufactured in the united States.

it may Also be a nod to the japanese market, where the minivan large can be seen very easily, without going too far, there is the Toyota Alphard, which features a hybrid version. Brands home also tend to have that kind of offer, that are usually not exported to the outside.

Soon we will offer more information about the Vision for Tokyo Concept.